Friday, May 20, 2016

MIA & May is for Makers

I feel like I have fallen into a black hole and that I'm out of touch with QBL, but it's just because things have been a whirlwind this week and are not winding down quite yet.  Our little town is getting ready to go full swing into party mode with our annual Strawberry Festival.  Tuesday evening I helped set up and prepare for our guild's quilt show.  I had no idea so much work went into preparing quilts to be judged.  But I have to say, I enjoyed getting a little sneak peak at all the quilts before the show opens.  Ladies, count me in for next year as well.

If you've stopped by before, you may know that I'm participating in #MayIsForMakers and I wanted to share my purchases for week three (check out week 1 and 2 here) before I disappear into three parades, the first of which was last night.  It fills my heart with joy and brings a tear to my eye when I see this banner coming around the corner.

We are a small town with a big heart and take lots of pride in our little high school band.  This is my daughter's first year marching and I couldn't be more proud of her.

 And one of the best things about small town life, when you drop your kid off at parade line up, there is always someone you know there watching over them.

Okay, on to the purchases.  This week, I decided to show some love to Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl (and my hive momma this year).  I first met Yvonne last year when I participated in the New Bloggers Blog Hop.  If you've never stopped by her page, you must promise you will when you are done here.  She dose so much in the quilt blogging world.  From her awesome quilting tutorials to her quilt blogging tutorials there is bunches of information to learn from this lady.  Plus, I recently found out that she was born a WV girl.  You can take the girl out of our mountain state, but you can't take the mountain state out of the girl.  I think that's really why she has a strong love for the color blue.  West Virginians bleed blue and gold (and also green/white and brown. Go Thundering Heard!)

My first purchase was her Triangle Transparency Pattern.  I loved her version in the soft blue/greens.

Photo courtesy of Quilting Jetgirl
And my friend Sandra (mmmquilts) also made a lovely version in oranges.  You can read about Radiance here.

Photo courtesy of mmmquilts

Now to figure out what my colors will be.  Next up is her mystery pattern (we all know I love mysteries).  The 2016 Patreon Secret Quilt Pattern is a reward when you pledge to give $1 to help support Quilting Jetgirl.  Purchasing it through her craftsy shop is a way to do so all at once.  I can't tell you what it looks like.  All I'm going to say is that I love it!

My last purchase was a completely random purchase.  I was lead to this pattern after reading about Sharon at Yellow Cat Quilt Designs #MayIsForMakers purchase.  So I hopped over to Quilts Actually and grabbed a copy of her Forging Steel.  I have some charm packs just calling its name.

Photo courtesy of Quilts  Actually

So big thanks to Sharon for the tip on this pattern.

For those curious about my whole cloth project...I'm finished!  I can't show you a picture until I get it bound and take it outside for a photo shoot, but I will show you my machine after the project was finished.

Lint EVERYWHERE!  She's all cleaned back up now and ready to go again when I am.  So for now it's back to festival land.  

There is food to eat and friends to meet.  I need to hop down to the quilt show and grab some pictures.  Lorna (Sew Fresh Quilts) and Cheryl (Meadow Mist Designs), if you are reading, I entered my versions of Dog Gone Cute and Building Blocks Baby Quilt in the show.  Can't wait to see how we do!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Charlene S said...

Living in a small town is great! I know that my granddaughter can walk or bike from her house to mine and someone's eyes are on her all the time. If she takes a detour or someone new talks to her , either I or her mother is called. Our neighbors are like family!

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks so much for taking us with you to the Strawberry Festival and the parade! What a great time you must be having while you are MIA. The quilt show sounds so exciting, too. Good luck with your entries Tish!!!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Ahhh, small town living! Your pictures reminded me of home! :) I know you are in for a wonderful weekend! Good luck with your entries! Can't wait to hear all about the show!

You tease!!! I'm chanting over here "Show us that whole cloth!" ;) Isn't it amazing the amount of lint that collects in the bobbin area when FMQing? I often think I could have spools of thread if I was clever enough to spin it back into tread ;)

Jayne said...

I wish we had a small town parade! That brings back so many memories! Strawberries too! I am anxious to see your quilt and if that lint deposit is any indication, it will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, looks like a fun start to summer ahead. I really like the second quilt pattern you have purchased. I have been hoarding a layer cake for a twin-sized quilt for my daughter's big girl bed. Forged Steel is a strong contender!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I hope the strawberry festival is a lot of fun for you, your family, and town! Thank you so much for your online friendship and support. I am really excited to see your whole cloth finish. :)

Sharon said...

Tish, I am laughing at your bobbin case giving birth to dust bunnies! I had to rescue mine this morning after I finished quilting a quilt that I just mailed off to McCalls. Today was the deadline! PHEW! Nothing like going to the wire, right! Oh, and I am itching to start my Forged Steel quilt! And you have tempted me to buy Jetgirls mystery! Small towns are near and dear to my you go have loads of fun!

Stitchin At Home said...

Nothing like small town living. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And you called me a tease, making me wait to see your whole cloth...not nice! Have a great weekend Tish!!!

Lara B. said...

What a fun town event - it all looks and sounds so great Tish! I know just what you mean about tearing up when you see that banner coming around the corner. There's nothing like a small town parade and festival!

Love your purchases for May is for Makers! (I have two of Yvonne's and love her work!)

Good luck in the quilt show Tish! I'm rooting for you!

Lisa J. said...

THis is a great post Tish. It sounds like so much fun to live in your town...I'm glad you are out there enjoying every moment. I feel like I'm missing in action as well but with no good reason yet just a bunch of meetings. Looking forward to seeing your whole cloth quilt.

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