Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Busy Time of Year

Fall is usually a busy time of year at our household, but man, I don't quite remember it being this busy and out of control.  Productivity levels feel like they are plummeting and I'm having a hard time remembering what I need to do.  So I started a list.  It actually only had like five items on it, but as the day went on I just kept adding to it as things came to me.  Slowly, I'm crossing things off.

The one thing crossed off the list may seem silly, it's small.  I usually do not use the no waste flying geese method.  I like the accuracy I get with the good ol' rectangle, square, square one at a time method.  However, I'm currently writing a pattern, that I believe will turn into a QAL here on the blog next year and thought I might like to include this method.  After figuring out the math behind the method, I wanted to test it before I just wrote it up.  I got it figured out, but I think I will include instructions for both methods in the pattern.

Monday night was our monthly guild meeting.  In the pictures above, I'm talking about David's recent log cabin finish and my Scrambled Plus finish.  I also learned that the guild's block exchange is at our next meeting in November, not December.  Oops, time to bump that up on the list a bit.

I have everything neatly bagged up, they just need to be sewed.  I have two sets of five blocks completed.  Only five more sets of five to go...or 25 blocks.  Five sets of five sounds easier doesn't it?

The next "get on it item," is a teaching class sample of the Star Blossom Quilt Block.  I don't think I've mentioned it before on here, but on October 21st, David and I are traveling to Bolts and Quarters Quilt Shop in Parkersburg, WV to teach a class on constructing our super sized block.  Public speaking terrifies me, though I'm getting better.  I've never taught a quilting class before, so this should be a learning experienced for everyone involved.  I'm glad David wanted to help teach the class, he's a much better speaker than I. 

I have started cutting fabric and sewing some of the bits and pieces up.  I am hoping to have this finished before the end of the week...fingers crossed.

And the YOU MUST FINISH THIS NOW...LIKE REALLY TWO WEEKS AGO project is the Butterfly Meadow Mystery Quilt.  I'm so close!

This was a sketch I did to get myself back on track.  I drew out several different options in some of the blocks to figure out what I liked best.  I am loving how it is turning out.

I am praying the customer will forgive me for taking so long to finish this quilt.  It is quite possible I have gotten carried away.  Blame the quilt, this is what it wanted.

So why is all of this taking so long??  Well, we've had work, birthday festivities, football games, band spectaculars, and guild meetings.

Plus all the little things that slow you down, like cats that refuse to move.
So, I will keep plugging along.  It will all get done, or most of it.  The important stuff at least.  Hope your list is shorter than mine and feel free to jump in and help...joking. 
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Sewing Nowhere

Caroline Kitty Cat, little creeper that she is, can tell you that as far as this weekend went, my sewing went no where.  Absolutely, no where.  It wasn't for a lack of trying, it's just adulting and working had to take top priority.  It happens.

I was however, thanks to her watchful eyes, able to finish piecing the Scrambled Plus Sign Quilt from Angela Walters Midnight Quilt Show last week.  All of that stripping really paid off.

Don't worry, little quilt, you'll be come a finished quilt one day.  Now go join the other quilt tops and wait for your number to be called.  Insert evil laughter.

I also got in a teeny tiny bit of quilting accomplished on the butterfly quilt.  The cross hatching is almost finished.  I am loving the way it is looking.  I'm praying this will be almost finished by the weekend.  It needs to be heading to its new home.

The only other quilting that happened on my end was discussions on how to fix Jenny's birthday Christmas Quilt.  Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilt's Unicorn Quilt.

This is the completed center.  I want to add some borders to it to make it bigger.  The problem?  It's not square, meaning the top is off from the bottom. UGH!  It's not horribly unsquared, but enough to make borders a challenge.  I'm not looking for perfection.  I'm just looking for a quick solution.  This quilt will never be a show quilt.  It will be cuddled by a teenager and three dogs.

My first thought for borders went something like this.

I'm not sure what I didn't like about it, but it wasn't quite what I was going for.  So what about adding a small white border before the colorful blocks?

Better, but still wasn't sold.  Plus the whole thing needs to be as square as possible to look right and make the borders work.

After ironing out the finished middle, David and I spent some time walking around the quilt talking.  I guess we thought if we made enough laps around it, it would fix itself or we would find the right answer if we stood at just the right angle (do you ever do that?).  Then David had an idea, "What if you do it like that Midnight Quilter lady in that one episode we watched?  You know the one with the strips."  It took me a minute, but I figured out he was talking about Angela's Shattered Frames Quilt.

Hmmm...I think he was on to something.  So I played around in EQ7 to see what this new idea would look like.  

Yes!  I think I like this one.  It's different.  Maybe a bit more mature?  Of course this is just a rough mock up.  It will look much different and I can play with the strips.  The dark blue around the edge represents the binding.  I have to say I'm a bit more motivated to work on it now.

Time to get my head back in the game and try again.  Today starts a new week.  All these projects will definitely not finish themselves.  Here's to hoping that we all have a productive quilting week!

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