Saturday, January 19, 2019

UFO Busting #45

We are officially over the half way point in January, is everyone still with me?  I do hope so.  I'm still slowly plugging away at projects over here, but my focus has changed a bit this week.  Yesterday, I made an announcement that I was chosen to be one of the Island Batik Ambassadors for 2019.  I can't tell you how excited I am and scared.

So this week my focus has been planning for the monthly challenges us ambassadors will be participating in.  I've inventoried what I will be working with and made a plan on rationing it out to the projects, but we will talk more about that in February.  So needless to say, most of my sewing has been very secret...shhhhh.

I did manage to sneak in another dog block for the Dog Gone Cute Quilt.  I must have really really loved the white swirl fabric and dots gifted to me from Helen, because I had cut out a second puppy using those fabrics.  I love him so much.

I have the last puppy all laid out...he needs a bit of pressing.

One problem I noticed is his eyes are completely lost in the black fabrics.  Maybe I need to cut a bit more of the blue dot fabric and this little fellow can have different colored eyes?

I haven't fallen behind, but I still need to make this week's block for the A Flower Bouquet QAL.  I have all my fabrics picked out, I just need to cut and sew.  It's on the agenda this weekend.

Other than hopefully, some quilting time and wine, that pretty much wraps things up for me this weekend.  Let's see what you guys were up to at last week's party.

Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life was celebrating a finish that I can admit I'm a bit bias to.  Recently she finished quilting and binding her Fireburst Mystery Quilt.

My heart sings every time I see one finished.  It's like meeting my quilty grandchildren, is that weird?  Make sure you pop over and congratulate Wendy on her finish.

Then we have detective Melva on the case!  Melva from Melva Loves Scraps recently was given an antique quilt that needs just a little bit more love to be called finished.

Upon reflecting about the maker of this quilt, Melva asks some great questions.  What will others be able to tell about us from the UFO's and quilts we left behind and what would you want them to know.  Make sure you click over there and check out this post about quilting mysteries.  Personally, I think it was Mrs.  White in the parlor with the feather weight, but only time will tell.

Now let's see what you have been up to this week.  That is a mystery I definitely want solved.  Link up below and share your quilty adventures or even lack there of.

This week I received a beautiful card in the mail from a long time friend.  She gets me.

She may not be a quilter, but she found her own unique way to give me a quilty hug and I love it.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Exciting News for 2019

I am super excited to announce I will be joining the lineup of Island Batik Ambassadors for 2019!  It seems like ages ago that I made my little block and submitted it and my application for consideration to join the team.

After posting the block, I admit I had a moment of panic.  What if I do get selected??  What if I'm not able to keep up with the monthly challenges??  2018 and all the life changes it brought left me artistically numb for quite a few months and I knew I couldn't do that again if I was selected.

Then news came a few weekends ago, I have been selected to be part of the program!

So I've decided, I've got this 2019.  I'm not going to have time for any drama or negativity because I will be surrounded by beautiful hand dyed fabrics and pouring all my energy into positive creativity!

Right now I am reading up and learning the ropes of the program.  I can not wait to share with you next month the box of goodies that arrived at my home and a kind of funny story of receiving it.  I am debating on how to do the reveal; fabric porn blog post, Instagram video or both?  What's your thoughts?

Monday, January 14, 2019

BOM of the Week Update

So far so good on the blocks of the week update.  This is the second time I have participated in one of Pat Sloan's weekly block quilts.  This one is called A Flower Bouquet with a new block coming out every Wednesday.  Two blocks have been released so far and I'm happy to say I'm 2/2.

I could not wait to break into this fat quarter bundle I picked up back in the fall at Miller's Dry Goods in OH.  I knew that it belonged in this quilt.  The instructions called for 19 fat quarters and my bundle only contained problem I just pulled from my stash.

Here is a close up of last week's block, Seed Catalogs, to show those yummy prints.

And this week's, Bulbs.

Is it too soon to start day dreaming about what the final layout will be after only two blocks?

I do hope not, because if so, I am in deep trouble!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

UFO Busting #44

Welcome back for another addition of UFO Busting, a linky party where we either celebrate your UFO hard work or distractions that keep you from them...your choice.  This week I've worked on a little bit of everything.  I've kept up with some quilt alongs (BOM) and have prepared for one that will be starting next week.

I finished piecing together this panel top that will be quilted during Amy at Amy's Freemotion Quilting Adventures QAL that starts next week.  I purchased this panel back in the fall when I was at a quilting retreat with the hopes of quilting it this year.  So, when I discovered Amy would be hosting a quilt along to literally quilt this panel, I had to join in.  It was like fate and you never tempt fate.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fireburst Winners

I want to thank everyone who helped make the Fireburst Mystery Quilt such a success!  We had a total of 22 participants, all entering the most beautiful quilts!  Now that the smoke has settled, I would like to announce the winners of the prizes.  I used a random number generator app to select the winners for each prize.

Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 PhD

Last year, other than starting a linky party of my own, I've kept a pretty low profile when it comes to participating in things.  I'm ready to be all social and stuff again.  I've decided to join Gail at Quilting Gail and work on my PhD in 2019.  If you haven't heard of this, I'll wait while you go here and read about this very cool project she started last year.  It really is a great way to keep accountable on projects you want to finish and finishing projects you start in the current year.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

UFO Busting #43

We officially made it the first week of the New Year!  Are we still energized and feeling motivated for the next 51 weeks?  I know I am.  I've spent the week cleaning, reorganizing and reclaiming my house after a holiday visitor left.  Things are returning to normal and it's time to get back to some serious work.  

I've decided to join Gail at Quilting Gail in her PhD program for 2019 and really commit to finishing some older projects...and all the new ones I start.

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