Saturday, April 4, 2020

UFO Busting #101

Welcome back to another week of UFO Busting!  I do hope everyone is safe at home and doing well.  Here at the Wonderland house hold, it has been another week of hiding in the house and avoiding outside/public as much as possible.  This has created lots of quilting opportunities.  I've been working on a secret project that I can't show you, but I have managed to sneak in a few things that I can.

In honor of the social distancing we should all be practicing, I decided to pull out the Sewcial Bee Sampler and get it done!  The original plan was to work on this quilt with a few other fellow quilt bloggers, and we got pretty far.  But life happens and  we each started sewing or not sewing at our own paces.  I am finally finished and I'm in LOVE with this top finish.

I cannot wait to quilt this one, but it's going to have to get in a very long line of quilts.

Another quilt that can be considered a finished top, is a Hello Kitty quilt I started for my daughter when she was in middle school.  Yeah, that was a little while ago.

The good news is that she was as excited to hear the top was finished as she was when she found out years ago I was going to make it.  

Fingers crossed I'll finish this one (along with the unicorn quilt) before she starts having kids of her own.

This week also rolled in a new month and with a new month comes new instructions for the Out West Quilt Along hosted be Pat Sloan.  It didn't take long and two blocks, one in each color way, joined the others.

I even managed to sneak in a bit of quilting time.  I really do need to move my focus on to some finishes.  So for the first time in a few weeks I worked on the Mosaic Mystery Quilt, since that is what is under the needle.  Along with the secret project, it will be my main focus until it is finished.

Lots of ruler work for sure!

Now lets take a look at last week's party.  First up we have Helen at Midget Gem Quilts and her The Big Hug quilt finish.

This seemed like an appropriate highlight for this week.  I think we could all use a big hug right now and I'll definitely take one from Helen any day!  Helen pieced this one during Sandra at mmm!quilt's quilt along for her Grace Heart Quilt.  So let's all congratulate Helen on her finish and take her advice....stay at home!!!!

Next up, we have Sandra at mmm!quilts (speak of the devil) and her Stars Aligned quilt featured in the Modern By The Yard Ezine.  

Look at all that quilty texture!!!  Make sure you congratulate Sandra for yet another great pattern and find out how you can get your own free copy of this digital magazine.  I'm just betting you can find all sorts of yummy stuff to keep you busy during this time of quarintine.

Now it's your turn.  Link up below and show us what you've been up to.

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Until next week, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.  For those that are on the front lines keeping us going, a huge thank you!  Everyone else, stay inside!!!!  Keep those that can't safe!  I know you have something quilting related you can be doing...wink wink.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

UFO Busting #100

Welcome back to UFO Busting!  I do apologize for the lack of party last week.  With all the craziness going on, I just kind of let the days slip by.  But we are back at it this week, with hopefully all of us doing our part to social distance and stay healthy.  I found myself with quite a bit of free time and to the machines I ran!

Though I've been working on some of these over the past couple of weeks, by Wednesday, I had a total of seven donation quilts pieced.  I predict they will not take long at all to quilt and hope to have them finished very soon.

This week also seemed like a good time to pull out some UFO's that needed to be finished in the piecing department.  One that I decided to tackle was Cindy at Stitchin at Home's Medallion Quilt Quilt Along.  This quilt along happened back in 2017 and for whatever reason, I got down to the last block and quit.  So this week, I'm happy to say, that block was finished and this quilt was put together.

I'm not going to celebrate too loudly, because lets face it, it's still going to be a while till I celebrate it as a complete finish.  However, I'll take a pieced finish any day.

Next up on the list is another quilt along that turned in to a UFO.  I think I started this one in early 2018.  Again due to life, it just kinda fell by the way side.  It was Maureen Cracknell and Sharon Holland's Sewcial Bee Sampler.  Since we are all practicing social distancing, this one seemed appropriate to pull back out. 

I was happy to find I only had five more blocks to piece and all the sashing fabric is cut!  Hopefully, by the end of the weekend I will be showing off another finished top. 

I haven't been the only one to make use of my time at home.  Carol over at Quilt Schmilt has been keeping herself from going bonkers by nose to the stone in her sewing room.  

Make sure you hop over and check out all the stuff she got done.  

Gail over at Quilting Gail has the right idea.  She is hosting a Stay at Home Round Robin.

Last Friday, Gail posted the rules/instructions for the round robin here.  I think this is a marvelous way to pass these quarantine days and bust up your stash!    Anything we can do to amuse ourselves and stay out of public is a win!  Thanks for hosting this fun project for us Gail!

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We are definitely trying to stay home at my house hold.  The daughter is home from school in Virginia until the foreseeable future and my place of business has decided to shut down for our safety and our customers.  After a week, I think we are doing pretty well.  

Caroline doesn't seem to quite understand this whole sewcial distancing thing.  Actually about five minutes after this picture was taken she started growling because I was disturbing her sleep.  The nerve.  Stay safe my friends!   I hope to see you back here in a week!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

UFO Busting #99

Welcome back to another week of UFO Busting!  I'm getting things started off a little late this morning, but I think that has been my whole week.  This week I was excited to receive in the mail the border fabric for one of my Out West QAL quilts.  Getting that fabric meant I could finish up both block 3's.

This is my red white and blue color way, with fabrics coming from my stash and the addition of the border Moda Fabric line Mackinac Island.

The second color way is very country and came from a fat quarter bundle from Craftsy.  I'm super excited to see these to come together.  It's a slow process but will totally be worth it.  My plans for the weekend are to quarantine myself in my house and sew, sew, sew!  

This week I would like to celebrate two quilt top finishes.  First up we have Jan at The Colorful Fabriholic answering that question "How many?" 

She breaks down the details of this beautiful quilt with a million little pieces.  Okay, maybe not a million, but you can definitely find out how many when you congratulate her and her piecing group and a job well done!

Next up making a million little pieces come together, we have Maggie at Making A Lather and her pieced Frolic top.

Maggie, I love this quilt top so much!  Those colors are stunning!!!  I'm sure it feels good to have it all pieced together.  Show her some love for all that hard work.

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That's it for this week's addition of UFO Busting.   I hope you come back and visit next week as well.  Until then, stay safe and healthy, my friends!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

To-Do #10

To-do lists.  Sometimes if feels like a game of darts.  You can see the board.  You concentrate as you contemplate and calculate your throw.  And you land each little dart perfectly in the center.  Some times you drink a beer, blind fold yourself and just start throwing.  In those instances you either hit the board somewhere or nothing at all.  As long as you had fun...that's all that matters.  My list was a total drunkin game of darts this week.  But more darts ended up on the board then the floor.

Last week's list:

1)  Continue quilting on Mosaic Mystery--yes

She's not close to finished yet, but I'll give it at least 1/2 way.  Hopefully, even more progress will be made this week.

2)  Baste the cat and dinosaur kid quilts--can you say squirrel

This didn't get done.  But I decided it made more sense to wait.  If I made a few more, I'll baste them all together.  Besides, I'm still quilting on #1, so I won't be quilting them just yet.

3)  Piece block 3 in the Out West BOM--nope

I started making half square triangles...does that count?  Block three contains some of the border fabric.  I still wasn't quite satisfied with what I had chosen for the red, white and blue one, so I did what any quilter would do.  I ordered something else of course.  With that fabric arriving yesterday, I didn't get them completed.

4)  Decide on a pattern and cut out another donation quilt--done

Yup totally decided on another pattern.  Like three different patterns and cut out five quilts.  Oops.  This is the family of squirrels that made me decide not to do #2.
5)  Make time to work with my cousin on his daughter's quilt--technically I did

I did technically  make time to work with my cousin on this quilt.  What I didn't see coming was he didn't have time.  That's okay it allowed me to over do list item #4. 

This week's list:

1)  Keep on a'quiltin Mosaic Mystery
2)  Keep on a'piecing kid charity quilts
3)  Make block 3 of Out West

Ok, time to get back to the new list.  Now where did I sit that beer?

Saturday, March 7, 2020

UFO Busting #98

Happy Saturday!!!  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I'm enjoying mine.  I plan to have a Sew Saturday starting with block marking at work and sewing with a friend later today.  What am I currently marking?  I'm so glad you asked.

I was able to cut out five kid charity quilts this week.  Once I get the diagonals marked for half square triangles, I should be able to easily sew all of them up in one after noon.  I'll tell you more about them (all free patterns) once they are pieced together. 

Next up it was one on one time with Mosaic Mystery.

I have finally found my rhythm quilting this one.  I am using 5 different rulers to quilt it and now easily switch between them as needed like a graceful dance.  I'm probably about a 1/4 of the way done, but if I can sneak in some time this weekend, I might be over 1/2 way there by To-Do Tuesday.

You know who is more than half way done with a project?  Sandra at mmm!quilts.  She's done done.  

This beauty is a Sandra original design for the Island Batik Log Cabin blog hop.  Rumor has it (rumor started by Sandra) that this will be her spring quilt along design that she hosts every year.  I say sweet!  Count me in!  Make sure you visit Sandra and congratulate her on her finish.

Next up we have Donna Lee at DONNALEEQ busily working on items for her guild's quilt show boutique.  From the looks of things, it was a productive work day for all.

Her guild hosts sewing days where they make projects together and this month was zipper bags.  I think this is a wonderful idea.  They are already preparing for a show that isn't until 2021.  Make sure you hop over and congratulate her on a job well done! 

Now it's your turn.  Link up below and tell us what you've been up to this week.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

March OMG

It's time to link up again with Patty over at Elm Street Quilts and decide on a project to cross of the list this month.  I'm trying really hard to finish the things I start in 2020, so this month, I want to finish two kid donation quilts that I started last month.

Currently both tops are pieced as well as the backings.

All that is left to do is baste, quilt and bind.  The first and last tasks are easy enough.  It's the middle I tend to over think and trip up on.  So with any luck, by April these two little quilts will find their way to the two small people that will need them.  

If you haven't decided on your project for the month, there is still time.  Join us all over at Elm Street Quilts and let's start crossing things off that list!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

To-Do #9

Last week's list:

1) Continue quilting (maybe to half way point) on Mosaic Mystery Quilt--progress

I'm definitely not to the half way mark, but I did manage to squeak in some quilting time with this one.  

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