Saturday, January 13, 2018

UFO Busting #2

Every time I start thinking about this UFO party, I think of that scene from the Will Smith movie Independence Day where the people are standing on top of a building with signs welcoming the UFO and then that beam comes down and well it just doesn't end well.  I promise this is not that kind of party.  This is the kind where we break out old projects, ditched works in progress and celebrate working on them or support each other during those times of "I just can't do this."  It happens, we've all been there.

This week I'm celebrating crossing something off my needs finished list.  My version of Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl's Wayward Transparency!!!

Sorry, this is just a teaser shot.  If you want to see/read more of my crazy quilting adventure with this quilt you can read more about it here.

From my quilt kit list, the Sewcial Bee Sampler Quilt designed by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell is progressing right a long.  I mentioned before that Sandra at mmm!quilts and I are using the QAL as a social sewing experiment and sewing the blocks at the same time while texting with each other.  We are happy to report we have been joined by two more quilters.  Anja from Anja Quilts and Dave the Quilt Engineer.  Since we were only 3 blocks in both were able to catch up quickly.  Thanks to the magic if iMessage we are all able to group chat together.

These are my 5 blocks using Moda Paradiso.  I have a lovely dark blue Grunge I will be using for the sashing.

I am in love with David's blocks.  He is using Moda Bee Creative.  I think that's quite appropriate for the Sewcial Bee Sampler.  Don't you?

This is just a picture to show my fellow sampler mates that indeed my blocks are not pre sewn.  They are safely cut and in baggies till we are ready to stitch them.  Although, I will be honest and say that the thought to sew them all up ahead of time did cross my mind.  I'm just excited to sew these.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that stopped by and commented or linked up to the first UFO Busting party.  I hope you will continue to visit and as always we welcome new friends to come play.

Incase you missed it, Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life finished a beautiful Vintage Tumbler Mini Quilt.  A project that had been hovering over her for a little bit of time.

Congrats, Wendy!  A UFO finish sure feels good.  Visit Wendy and read about her finish here.

Now it's your turn?  What have you been up too?  Have you finally stared down your list of projects that need tackled?  Are you stuck and don't know how to finish something?  Do you have a UFO finish to celebrate.  Or are you crying because you got distracted again?  Link up, share with us and feel free to grab my button below.  We are all in this big boat together.

UFO Busting

Friday, January 12, 2018

Wayward Transparency--A Finish

Wayward is finished!  I can cross something off that very long list of things to do in 2018.  I've been following along with Yvonne's at Quilting Jetgirl's Wayward Transparency QAL.  Making the four blocks was super easy.  Deciding on a layout, definitely the hardest part.  There were so many super cool layouts depending on how you turned the four blocks.  Ultimately, I landed on this one.

I really loved the square shape that was formed in the middle of the quilt.  I thought this layout would provide me with some great shapes to add cool quilting too.  I'm a big fan of what I like to call ghost quilting.  Essentially creating shapes or adding visual elements to a quilt using thread, that are not part of the piecing.  Or, "hey that triangle wasn't there when it was just a pieced quilt!"  That might not be the best description, but I think you get what I mean.

Two of my quilting goals for this quilt was to add some curves just for fun and subtly add balance to the design without taking away from its asymmetrical design.  Kinda sounds like a paradox; adding balance but not. 

The pieced design has some wonderful square elements that you can see with the lines I added to the diagram above.  I wanted to continue or extend the diamond shape in the center and accentuate the squares shapes already in the quilt.

Here is my original starting plan.  There were some things I knew I wanted to add, but I wasn't sure on specifics, like the lines in the top right and bottom left corners.  I knew I wanted to add something to add balance, the quilt just had not told me what yet.

Threads where the next big decision.  I needed to choose shades that would complement my quilting designs and fabrics.

For my dark and medium blues I chose Aurifil #2775 Steel Blue and #2784 Dark Navy.  Both the Dark Navy and Steel blue melted beautifully into the dark and medium prints, but when I wanted to provide a bit of contrast, the Dark Navy worked perfectly on the medium blue.

For the quilting on the light blue fabric I chose two different threads.  Aurifil #2215 Robins Egg and (are you sitting down) Superior Thread Omni in Silver.  The Robins Egg was almost a perfect match for the light blue fabric and the Silver added a nice subtle contrast.  My hopes where that the motifs stitched with the silver thread would stand out just ever so slightly more than the ones stitched with the light blue.  Why did I used the Superior when everyone knows I'm a Aurifil girl?  My boyfriend is still Aurifil, but he told me it was okay to go to dinner with my best guy friend...I mean I invited him too!  No, I had purchased a cone of Superior thread a while back and since the color was perfect for the project I decided to give it a go.  Also, please don't tell Dave about my thread "boyfriends."

I started my quilting journey in the center of the quilt, quilting the orange peels in the small border I created.  I could easily use my seam lines as quilting points.  I filled in the triangle area created by the peels with dense quilting to allow the peels to pop more.

A second orange peel "border" was created.  Both of these where stitched using the silver thread.

This is a close up of the on point squares I quilted into this section.  Dense quilting was again my friend, allowing those squares to pop off the quilt.

For the large corner triangles, I went with simple dot-to-dot quilting.

I mimicked the quilting in the corner triangles in the opposite corners, creating ghost shapes.

When it came to the background, I was a bit stuck on what to do.  I originally thought about pebbling.  It's a wonderful texture and because the way the background is broken up, wouldn't take long to quilt.  But what is just as yummy as pebbles?

Quarter inch straight lines. 

So that basically covers my quilting train of thought as this quilt came together.  Now I will leave you with some quilt shots.  All of our snow melted for a day or two!

Some quilts want to be made just because they want to be quilted.  This quilt was that for me.  Yvonne's design was a blast to make and I had even more fun quilting it.  I love a quilt that gives me wonderful shapes to play with.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with, so I'm hopping over to Quilting Jetgirl to link up and see all the beautiful quilts.

Don't forget tomorrow is another addition of the UFO Busting linky party here in Wonderland.  I hope I see you there.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

TBT--Rail Fence Quilt

It's back!!!  Throw Back Thursday!  It's a day to celebrate those quilts you've made before you started blogging and give them their 30 seconds of internet fame.  Sandra at mmm!quilts contacted Jenn at Quarter Inch From The Edge and asked if she could baby sit this very fun linky party until things slowed down for her a bit.  Jenn said yes and so here we are.  The quilt I'd like to remember today, kind of has a tragic sad quilting story, if you are a quilt.  I say it is overall a quite happy ending and one I'm very thankful for.

This rail fence quilt is the first quilt I actually bound and completed and the second quilt I ever pieced.  After finishing my first quilt (a beastly Turning Twenty)  I decided to try something smaller.  I wanted to make a quilt for my good friend, more like a sister (people actually think we are sisters).  She lived in a beautiful log cabin (we are talking authentic log cabin) and loved the color red, so I thought she needed a quilt.  Not that she is lacking in quilts, her mom is one of my real life quilting friends, so she has tons of them.

This was my first time strip piecing and I wasn't sure how successful I would be at it.  I think I made around forty blocks in order to find the twenty you see in the picture that I could live with.  Some of my seams where pretty wonky and left a bit to be desired.  This was before I discovered a 1/4" foot.

It was quilted by one of our local quilt shops using a red thread and loops and stars.  I was so proud to give her this quilt and she loved it.  It was displayed in her house.

This is a picture of the quilt in 2009 (so I know I made it before then) I snapped of it on the back of a chair while visiting her.  Her house was always a place of gathering, family and friendship.  One of the most beautiful things in the house was the fire place.  I always thought of it as kind of a fire pit.  You actually had to kind of step down to it.   It was a great place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine...especially when it was pouring the snow down outside.

Sadly, a few years ago, something went terribly wrong after she and her husband had went to bed.  Thankfully, their kids where not home at the time.  While they where asleep, something in the chimney caught fire.  They were both able to make it out of the home, but everything inside was a complete loss.  I learned so much, things are just things.  They are replaceable.  I'm so thankful she and her husband made it out of the home completely okay.

Now they live in a beautiful farm house.  It still is a place of gathering, family and friendship.  Just goes to show you, it's the people not the home.  Home is where your family is.  This post makes me realize, hmmm...maybe I owe her a quilt.  Trust me, she still isn't lacking in quilts, but this time it could be one I quilt myself and I think that would mean even more to her.

Now to dig through my pictures and quilt stash to see what quilt we can talk about next month.  So excited this party is back.  Speaking of next month, don't forget sign ups for the New Quilt Bloggers Blog hop will be open.

I promise we are all busy behind the scenes getting this hop organized and ready.  I can't wait to meet all the new quilt bloggers, talk some tech and community stuff and most importantly....quilting!  So if you have been blogging for 3 years or less or know someone who has, stay tuned...hop with us.  Even if you don't fall in that category...hop with us.

Today I'm linking up with Throw Back Thursday.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

UFO Busting #1

Well it all has to start somewhere and start we shall!  Welcome to the first addition of the UFO Busting party.  A place where we can link up to talk about our UFO problems, denials, progress, successes and distractions.  If we all work together, I think we can work through our stacks big and small and see some finished quilts.

I've done a bit more work on my UFO spread sheet and categorized them by big, medium and small.  To my surprise, each size makes up about 1/3 of the list.  So I equally slack on everything, big or small, go me!

So, what are my plans?  I'd love to finish Quilting Jetgirl's Wayward Transparency before the end of the month.  Yvonne will open the finished quilt (top or quilted) on January 12th and keep it open until the 31st.  I want to be part of the party! 

My quilting plan has been a bit labor intensive and I'm half way there.  I've been trying to juggle in some curves to this very linear quilt.  It hasn't been on my UFO list for very long (and I intend to keep it that way), but I have skipped over it several times for other distractions projects.

I have two other quilts I would like to tackle this month, or at least start.

I call this one, "David's Not Turning Twenty" or "Ron's Quilt."  It started out life cut out to be a Turning Twenty.  After arranging the pieces on the floor and not liking what he picked out.  Mr. Stemple started shuffling pieces around like a mad man and happily announced he had found what he wanted.  Now he just needed his mid arm quilter to quilt it.  That was, late summer?  Would I have it finished by November, when his co-worker retired?  No problem.  He should have known better, right?  He lives with me.  

Here we are early January and it is still basted and folded in the back room.  He would like me to do wood grain in the borders around the top and bottom four patch squares and swirls in the four patches.  I'm stuck on what to do in the middle section.  Any suggestions?  Let's not let this one fester any more than it has to.

Next up is the Magnolia Mystery by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs.  Tish, why is this on your UFO list?  The final piecing instructions just came out.  Well, I pattern tested it earlier in 2017 for Cheryl, so mine has been setting around waiting for inspiration to strike.  Nothing.

Now that my quilting juices are flowing again, I think I have an idea of where this one is headed.  I can hear it calling my name, I just have to make it understand, not quite yet...not quite yet.

I have a few other projects bouncing around in my head, but I need to stay focused on these three.  Will I have a finish by next week?  Or will I crash and burn and hide under that stack of quilt tops in the back room.  Stay tuned to find out.

Now it's your turn?  What have you been up too?  Have you finally stared down your list of projects that need tackled?  Are you stuck and don't know how to finish something?  Do you have a UFO finish to celebrate.  Or are you crying because you got distracted again?  Link up, share with us and feel free to grab my button below.  We are all in this big boat together.

UFO Busting

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Star Cross #2 Finished

Another one off the list!!!  I actually finished this version of Star Cross a few days before the end of the year.  I just didn't brave the cold snowy weather to take pictures.  Oh what a difference 24 hours can make.  I have non snow and snow pictures to show.

If you are looking for a quick easy project to practice ruler work on, this one is a great one.  Geraldine at Living Water Quilter hosted a quilt along for the project, walking you through the steps of quilting it using a straight quilting ruler.  You can find it here.

This time around, I decided to add borders to the mini quilt to make it a bit bigger, 30" square.  I also added hanging tabs to the back, so that it could be used as a wall hanging or possibly a table piece.  It will either be gifted, or donated to the next cause that calls my name.

I still have one more of these to quilt up.  David made a version of the small quilt right before I made this one.  I may try to quilt his a bit differently and may even ask him to draw me up a quilting plan.  But it will have to wait for a little bit, other projects are calling for my attention right now.

If you know someone who is new to quilt blogging or has been thinking about starting one up, please let them know the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop will be having sign ups starting February 1st.  If you or someone you know has been blogging for less than 3 years, you can sign up (even if you participated last year).  I promise it will be a good time!

If you have been blogging for more than 3 years, I hope you will consider following along and supporting this years new group of quilting peeps.  I think I've made new friends every year thanks to the blog hop, just hopping around and getting to know the bloggers.  Plus there will be prizes...and who doesn't love those??  More info will be coming soon as we are finalize the details for this year's hop.

For now I'm going to celebrate this small UFO victory and prepare for our linky party starting on Saturday.  What will you be working on?  Are you tackling a UFO or WIP?  Are you distracting yourself and completely ignoring them?  I hope to find out just what you are up to this weekend.  So write up a post and feel free to join me.  

Today I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social and Midweek Makers.
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