Saturday, May 18, 2019

UFO Busting #61

It's Saturday again!  I imagine right now I'm probably (hopefully) sitting in the shade taking in the sights and sounds of the 2019 Strawberry Festival Parade.  I will have my tissues with me because it will the last time my daughter marches down Strawberry Lane as part of the mighty BU Band.  My heart swells just thinking about it.  Today I am full of hometown pride and mommy pride.

Needless to say, not much in the way of sewing happened in my world this week.  Actually none at all.  I did however help prepare quilts for judging at our annual quilt show.

I love this part of the process; getting the quilts in order in their categories and seeing/touching them up close (no gloves....gasp).  It's just a special quite time before all the hustle starts.  I entered five quilts into the show (the max you can enter).  Our largest entry categories is always the large and medium long arm quilted quilts.  Since those do not apply to me, I play in the smaller quilt size and domestic quilted categories. I think next week I will do a post to talk about the show, highlight some quilts and maybe share some of the judges comments (which I haven't read myself yet).  I'm curious, have you entered any shows?  Was it a good experience for you?  If you haven't entered any (judged or not judged) why not?  We do provide an options for quilts to be displayed and not judged at our show as well.

So with my lack of sewing, let's see what happened at last week's party.  Chris at Chris Knits Sews celebrated a UFO finish!  I bet it tasted sweet and delicious.

She kind of skipped over some projects and decided to drink the Pineapple Punch and I'm glad she did.  I LOVE the ghost geese she created with the quilting to mimic the actual pieced geese.  When she pieced this one she imagined doing feathers in the blank space (but I do think those geese rock it).  If you haven't popped over to have a sip of her sweet punch, make sure you go over and congratulate her on this finish!

Feathers...oh those little beasts.  They are so beautiful yet so intimidating.  I struggle with them.  We see so many quilts that look like this...

Perfect.  Majestic.  Billowing.  Beautiful feathers.

But unless you are using a computerized long arm where they come out perfect every time, we forget something; those feathers didn't just start out looking like that.

Totally not the same birds, but you get what I'm trying to say

It takes practice and time for them to look good.  We have to start out, more than likely, wonky and shaky and graduate to a slightly awkward stage, but we will have a day to fly!  We just have to keep working!  I know I keep forgetting this.  It's so easy to get frustrated with them...but I digress.

Let's see what you've been up to this week.  Link up below and tell us about it.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Episode 2 of C&P

Last week I was basking in a new love affair with beautiful fabrics.  We flirted.  We went out.  And it looked like this.  Bits and pieces of bright beautiful half square triangles.

But with all relationships, you come to the point where you have to decide to take it to the next level and we were there.  It was time to come together and really build something.  

Saturday, May 11, 2019

UFO Busting #60

This week I introduced a fun little bit I like to call The Cut and The Pieced.

My own little soap opera documenting my work on the May Island Batik Challenge.  It's full of passion, wondering eyes and every good soap opera should be.

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Cut And The Pieced

I had been seeing my current May challenge project for a few months.  I really thought we had hit it off.  It had everything I loved, open space for quilting and beautiful simple colors.

The prints on the purple and black Island Batik fabrics made my heart skip a beat, but something was just off for me.

Then it entered my life.  A quilt I innocently found on Pinterest and I knew I had to have it.  I ordered the book.  Try as I may, I wanted it to work for me and my original quilt.  I told my fabrics the direction I wanted us to go and they were honest with me, they didn't quite see my vision.  They didn't know if they could be the new quilt I imagined in my head.  Then she walked in...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

UFO Busting #59

Welcome to UFO Busting...where we celebrate UFO's we spot and finish, get distracted by new stuff and hopefully just have a good time.  We had several UFO's flying around last week, but we will get to them in a few.  Love is in the air over here.  I have a new crush and I'm crushing hard.

I am wine-ing and dinning this Island Batik Moroccan Bazaar strip set pretty hard.  From the moment I set eyes on it, I knew it was for me.  It totally made me walk away from a project that could have been, in hopes of something new and beautiful.  We've had our first quilty date, but that's for another post.

I'm super excited to say, that I've started to work on a secret project for August, but I can't say anything other than that and got caught up on all the quilt-a-longs I'm participating in.  I have all my pieces together for Little Bunny Quilt's Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt, just in time for new instructions to come out on Monday.

And the next three blocks for Pat Sloan's A Flower Bouquet are all caught up.

Wednesday the next block in Pat's Out of This World Mystery Quilt was released and landed finished on my table.

Being all caught up on everything so early in the month has me thinking it's high time I pull another UFO out to finish.  The big question being which one?

Speaking of UFO's I'm going to take my inspiration from last week's party and get to work.  Last week, Janice from Color, Creating and Quilting pulled out and finished piecing a UFO from a few years ago.

She created it using charm packs and it is full of cowboy fun!  This UFO isn't the only thing she's wrangled up over there either.  Oh, no.  She's been building quilty houses like a mad lady that will leave you feeling the rainbow.  Make sure you click over and check out all the fun stuff she has going on.

Next up we have Vasudha at Storied Quilts and her UFO finish of Hopscotch Tiles.

Not only did she celebrate an April finish of her Island Batik challenge quilt, April Flowers, she also claims a One Monthly Goal finish of piecing this UFO from over two years ago.  I LOVE how those greens and burnt oranges pop against the white background.  Make sure you hop over and congratulate her on finishing up both projects!

Now it's your turn.  Let's see what you've been up to this week.  Link up below and tell us all about it.

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Come back on Monday and I think we will have an episode of As The Quilt Turns or maybe The Cut and The Pieced.  Will I catch the attention of the Island Batik strip set?  Will I be able to convince it to let me chop it up and grow it into something bigger?  Or will a ten inch stack steal whisk me away?  You'll just have to come back to find out.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Not May IB Challenge Quilt

I promise this is not a declaration of resistance...we will be making it modern this month!  This is a story of how designs/project ideas can change.  Maybe this is the story of a squirrel, because I really abandoned my original plan for something totally different.

When I got my shipment of Island Batik goodies and the list of challenges for the year, I went into panic design mode trying to figure out what I could do with the fabrics I was sent and make sure there was enough to go around.  I seriously thought I had all my projects planned out from February till August, and for the most part I do.  However, now that I'm into things a few months, I'm relaxing a bit and finding distractions.

For the month of May, we are challenged to make a crib size or larger quilt using the Modern Quilt Guild's definition of modern quilt;

the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, Minimalism, expansive negative space, alternate grid work--Modern Quilt Guild

So this meant I had some work to do...come up with something modern.  Ok, I can do this.  One thing I wanted was lots of negative space and something easy to work with...maybe half square triangles?  I was doing some browsing on Pinterest and some beautiful woodworking pieces crossed my path.  I found myself thinking, this would be a wonderful quilt!  So I went to work playing around with the design and translating it to fabric...fabrics I had to work with that met my quilty budget, that is.
So after much playing this is what I came up with.

I think this quilt would work well for the challenge, but for some reason I just wasn't in love.  I'm actually quite proud of it, and think it will still see life.  Maybe it's just very different than my normal style?    Maybe it felt too similar to stuff I've already made for the challenge?  Lot's of points and purple (and I love purple don't get me wrong).

I was however committed to making this project for the challenge...then this happened...My friend was over at the house while I was gathering my fabrics to start cutting.  When I told her I was working on the challenge project for May she busted out in song (life is truly a musical if you let it be).  I was like what are you signing???  She's like,  "It's from the musical Camelot.  Don't you remember?"  I totally didn't remember.  I should have remembered this song.

I just looked at her and said, "I have to make a quilt for the lusty month of May, don't I?"  So I put my fabrics back in the box and scrapped my triangle idea.  I regrouped with a new plan in honor of my new life/relationship status and the month of May..."That darling month when everyone throws self-control away."

Are you curious?  Think of this as quilty flirting because "It's May, it's may, the month of great dismay, when all the world is brimming with fun, wholesome or un-"  It's May!!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Daisy Chain Mystery Progress

After weeks where it feels like my progress on things has been a complete crawl...I am happy to say I'm completely caught up on something.  I was starting to feel like this might be a quilt along that I let get to far ahead of me.  I had the first two week's worth of instructions finished but found myself two weeks behind.  When I pulled up the online posting schedule last week so see what instructions posted this week, my heart skipped a beat.  The week of April 29th was a catch up week.  Exactly what I needed!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Ready. Set. Go! Quilt Challenge

It's that time of the month again!  Time to share what I have made for the Island Batik Ambassador Challenge.  This month Island Batik and their partner AccuQuilt challenged us to make a baby quilt using the Go! Cutter and dyes provided to us by AccuQuilt.  

Saturday, April 27, 2019

UFO Busting #58

Welcome to week 58 of UFO Busting.  Have you been sewing along with us over the past year?  If not, join us!  This party isn't just for UFO's.  We definitely celebrate when you finish one but really it's about community and sharing what you're working on.  My main focus this week has been finishing up the April Island Batik challenge quilt but before I got my nose to the grind stone, I snuck in a little time with the Pat Sloan A Flower Bouquet Quilt.

All the blocks for section three are pieced and waiting on me to sew them all together.  Who knows, I might be doing that right now?

Saturday, April 20, 2019

UFO Busting #57

Is it Saturday again already?  I'm not even sure how that happened.  The week flew by and I think the only thing that gathered in my sewing space was dust.  As much as I love warm sunny days, I do not love the responsibilities that come with it.  I could possibly be happy living in the land of snow 365 days a mowing, weeding, or running everywhere...just home and my sewing machine.  

So today I celebrate the smallest of sewing victories.  All of the blocks for the third section in Pat Sloan's A Flower Bouquet have been released and I haven't even touched them.  One evening I found a few minutes to sort through the fabrics I'm using to plan out the next four blocks.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

UFO Busting #56

It's been a week of slow going when it comes to working on my list for the month.  I was able to cross one and a half things off.  I'm officially all caught up on the Pat Sloan Out of this world quilt along.  

This is me sharing the top row all pieced together at the guild meeting.  I didn't get a picture of this month's block, but it is finished as well.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

UFO Busting #55

I have a UFO finish, y'all!  This baby quilt has actually been finished since February, I just had not gotten around to writing about it yet.

You can read more about Bundle Buster Baby Quilt here.  This is a quilt that color wise made me step outside my color comfort zone and I'm so glad it did.  I love it.

Other than that it is nose to the stone, working on the Ready. Set. Go! Baby Quilt Challenge for Island Batik.

Thanks to the good people at Accuquilt and the Go! cutter and dyes they sent, the cutting of fabrics for this challenge was a breeze!

Blocks are already forming and I hope to have a finish with in the next week to share with you.

I realize I'm committing a cardinal sewing sin in this picture...piecing with white thread on black my daughter will buff.

In trying to keep myself in line I have created a small to-do list for this month that looks a little bit like this...
  • Ready. Set. Go! Challenge
  • Out of This World BOM
  • A Flower Garden BOM
  • Daisy Chain Mystery Quilt
  • Holly Jolly Christmas UFO
  • Flag and Strawberry minis
  • 12.5" block for guild meeting
  • May IB Challenge
Anything else that I may start or finish this month will just be an extra.  As much as I love squirrels, I really need to stay focused and get some things finished up.

Speaking of squirrels and wild goose chases, Miss Vicki from Vicki's Crafts and Quilting definitely embarked on a quilty adventure when she innocently went looking through her quilting room for some paper pieced flowers.  She found all kinds of things she forgot about, including what would become a UFO finish.

She managed to unearth this not quite complete beauty and decided it was time for it to see a finish and become a H2H donation quilt.  Make sure you hop over to congratulate Vicki on this UFO finish.  It's a great reminder that sometimes the trip you think you are taking may lead to somewhere else, but that's okay.  Did she find her flowers?  Go read and find out!

Now it's your turn.  Let's see what your quilting journey has lead to this week.  Link up and tell us about it below.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Bundle Buster Baby Quilt--Finish

This little gem of a quilt has actually been finished since February, I just have not gotten around to writing about it.  How does that even happen??  This is also my first UFO to cross off the list this year. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

UFO Busting #54

I will be keeping things short and simple this week.  Yesterday I got to celebrate my Island Batik finish for the Vintage Reimagined Challenge.

For the challenge I decided to transform the sawtooth quilt block into something fun and meaningful to me.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sawtooth and Me Reimagined

I was beginning to get a little worried my challenge project was not going to see a finish before the end of March.  But in the 11th hour I was able to regroup and pull it off.  This month the good folks at Island Batik challenged us to take a vintage quilt bock and reimagine it in some way.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

UFO Busting #53

I'm seriously thinking a March redo is in order.  I cannot believe we are already approaching the last week and there is still so much left to do.  As you read this, I am locked in the back room not aloud to come out until my March Island Batik project is quilted, or possibly I'm dealing with some last minute life/adult-ing business that must be handled before the end of the month.  I'm actually hoping it's the first scenario.  What ever the case, I did manage to be slightly productive this week.

I went two sections forward, two blocks back.  Sections 1 and 2 of A Flower Bouquet are complete and the black and white polka dot sashing has been cut.   

However, I have fell behind on the next two blocks.  I have to remind myself to stop stressing about it.  There really is no dead line.  So I will be putting this on hold until I catch up on a few other projects.

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