Tuesday, January 7, 2020

To-Do Tuesday-#2

It feels good to be starting the year off right!  Although, starting something is usually pretty easy.  You're pepped.  You're ready.  You are going to do this!  It's the long term that sometimes trips you up.  I'm optimistic that us all being in this together, the long term is going to be easy.  Everything is better with friends.

Last week's list...

1) Work on and finish all of the instructions for the Mosaic Mystery Quilt--so close

This one was almost completed.  I got all the pieces except the diagonal blocks finished.  Considering the final layout was released last Thursday and I was basically starting at the beginning I will take this as a win.  I had a few mis-cuts that kinda slowed things down.

2)  Decide on fabrics for the Out West Quilt Along-- Done

Because it is me and sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment, I will be making two versions of the Out West Quilt.  The first will be using fabrics from my stash.

I love me a red, white and blue quilt.  I've said it before and I say it again.  This time I'm pairing the color combo with a little bit of gray and an off white grunge background.  I'm not 100% sold on the top fabric as a border fabric, so I will keep my eyes on the horizon in case something else tickles my fancy.

Next up will be a fat quarter bundle gifted to me for my birthday but my new accountability sewing partner.  It is a bundle of Boundless Orchard Blossom from blueprint.  She will be making her's from the Boundless Cour de Fleur bundle.  Both are going to be to die for!

I will be pulling a white on white from my stash for the background fabric and will be in search for a border fabric.  But I am going to consider this one checked off the list for the week.

3)  Finish piecing the top to the A Flower Bouquet Quilt Along--still on list

I didn't have the highest hopes that this one would get finished.  However, I did get the 3rd section completed.  I just need to finish putting together the 4th section and get this quilt together!

4)  Decide on a One Monthly Goal project-- Done

The quilt layout for the Mosaic Mystery Quilt was revealed on January 2nd and I am in love.  Cheryl (Meadow Mist Designs) is giving us two months to work on piecing and finishing the quilts before the always fun parade of quilts.  I've decided to make piecing the quilt top and deciding on the quilting my goal for the month.  This would give me possibly a month of more to get it quilted before the parade of quilts.

5)  Write a  To-Do Post for next week--Done

Just simply writing this post marked this one as done.  My new tactic is to start the next week's post as soon as I make my this week To-Do list.  That way, as I finish something I can quickly pop in and write about it or if I realize something for the next week it can be added.  That way, I won't find myself on Monday or Tuesday trying to quickly gather my thoughts and write a post.

Next week's list...

1)  Piece the Mosaic Mystery Quilt's rows.
2)  Prep fabric for the Fractal Gravity Quilt kit
3)  Piece January blocks for Out West Quilt
4)  Piece a Magic Inch Block for Guild Meeting
5)  Finish piecing A Flower Bouquet
6)  Get quilting room back under control!


Home Sewn By Us said...

Good Morning Tish! Your method for your to-do list is exactly what I do. As soon as this posts - actually last night - I start the one for next week and focus on those items. I also get the link ready for next week, too, so I don't forget. Hmm, I am going to go look at the layout for Mosaic Mystery Quilt. I'm not good with mysteries but have been wondering how all these pieces fit together! You have done a fabulous job in catching up - I have no doubt you'll get your January OMG project complete. Two Out West versions - that doesn't surprise me either, you overachiever you. Thanks for linking up! ~smile~ Roseanne

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have been thinking of making two versions of a quilt on my list as well - I wonder if I will

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

There's lots of fabric eye candy in your post today, Tish! I love your Mosaic Mystery colors, and also the Flower Bouquet blocks. It's always nice to come up with the perfect use for a fat quarter bundle that's been hanging out in your stash!

Bernie Kringel said...

Oh so many pretty projects going on in your sewing room Tish. I like your method of organizing - not planning just for this week but looking out and dividing up the process going forward.

KaHolly said...

Great start for a new year!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Starting projects is easy. It's the in between and finishing that's hard LOL I love that you start next week's post so you can easily update. Good luck.

Kate said...

You did well with last week's list. You've got some fun fabrics picked out for your new projects. Good luck with this week's list.

R's Rue said...


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