Saturday, March 16, 2019

UFO Busting #52

If you were worried I had been abducted by a UFO...worry not.  I am still here on planet Earth surrounded by all my unfinished projects.  The month of March has come in like a lion of distractions and it's time to regroup and get to work.  So many positive things have been buzzing, I just need to figure out how to channel that energy and shoot it like a laser towards my sewing room.  Oh and don't get me started on that hour I lost last weekend.

So my sewing spaces look a little something like this...hit it!

I have a pile of half finished pieces for four projects all going on at the same time.  I'm trying to keep up with my blocks of the month and my Island Batik challenges.  I keep telling myself it all makes sense in my head.

Speaking of Island Batik Challenges...

I am praying that all these spools of thread come together for something floating around in my head for a future challenge.  The small spools on the lower right were all given to me by Island Batik.  It's like they were reading my mind.  This weekend I'm hoping to map out my plan and order a few heavier weight threads for the project.  One thing is for sure...this will be an epic win or fail.

The March Island Batik challenge project is hanging around in the quilting room waiting for me to give it a bit more attention.  I've kind of been dragging my feet because my quilting plan hasn't completely come to me yet.  Quilt, talk louder!!!

And last is the A Flower Bouquet QAL quilt.  I was hoping to have section two and the top half of the quilt pieced together by now.

Sadly this is the state of section 2 with the small blocks still waiting to be pieced in the other room.  I am busting to see it all come together.  Maybe I have to many distractions right now?

Speaking of distractions...I could 100% be distracted by this quilt ALL DAY.  Lynette at What A Hoot was celebrating a UFO finish...and it is a breath taking one!!!

After piecing the quilt together, it went into her quilt closet to wait for it's day.  Of course like most quilts it had a bit of a wait...but it should be glad it did...her quilting is STUNNING!  That McTavishing is on point or should I say perfect little squiggles.  Please make sure you stop by and congratulate her  and check out all the beautiful textures on this quilt top.  Did I mention it is stunning?

Now let's see what you've been up to while I've been lost in adult-ing land.  Link up below and tell us all about it.


Sandra Walker said...

Lynn's quilting is out of this world! She has another beauty finished for TGIFF this week too. I think I had to wipe the laptop keyboard from drool ha. LOVE the peek at your IB March project--those fabrics--!! With the black!! I hear ya on adult-ing land this week as well as on the time change: it got me not once but three times messed-up-confused, so I feel like I experienced it three times within the first 5 days.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! Adulting land - that does not sound fun at all. Don't go back there for a while. Those fabrics from four projects - holy moly, I cannot wait to see where they go when they're finished. I see some HSTs and some pretty mint green with a gorgeous black/white print and then some dots. Yum - I want more please. You're rocking it, girl. Don't falter now - you've got it going on. ~smile~ Roseanne

chrisknits said...

I thought the change would kill me, but it was only 2 days before I didn't feel the need to nap all day!! LOL

piecefulwendy said...

Funny, I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you were! All those projects in the works on your table look like fun, so let the mess continue! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for that thread. My UFOs are nagging at me, while I'm doing some testing. I really need to get at least one done, so that's my goal for this next week! Lynette's quilt is gorgeous!

Lisa J. said...

You sound like me. Working on too many projects at once and trying to find time in the crazy hectic thing that is my life to get at least some of them done....and of course finding new things to distract me as well.

dq said...

I always anxiously await your Island Batik reveals. Don't worry about slower progress. Steps forward and steps forward no matter what. We do this for fun, remember?

Thanks for your creative words. I always enjoy reading your quilt stories.

Lynette said...

Gosh, Tish! Thanks so much for your spotlight on my Ruffled Roses. I struggle both with keeping on task with various projects AND with keeping up with blogging interaction as much as I want. I am *still* lagging and dragging my feet in the mornings because of the time change. Seems like every year, it takes me longer and longer to adjust to the spring forward. No judgement here on slow progress! :)

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