Tuesday, February 11, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #6

Last week's list:

1) Baste Mosaic Mystery Quilt--Done

This one is just waiting on me to start the quilting.

2) Piece the Out West blocks--started

This is a project my accountability sewing partner and I are working on together.  I've pulled my fabrics, but I'm waiting on her to piece them.  Sewing together this past weekend just didn't get to happen.

3) Bind super old Star Quilt UFO--Done

I knocked this one out pretty easily.  I haven't done a post about the quilt yet.  Hopefully, the weather will let up and I can take it out for a photo shoot.

4) Decide on February OMG project--Done

My choice for this month actually surprised me.  I would have thought I would have went with quilt Mosaic Mystery.  But time wise, I'm not sure that would stand a chance to work out.  So I went with cut out the blocks for The Great Outdoors Quilt.  It's been sitting for way too long.

This week's list:

1)  Begin quilting Mosaic Mystery  
2)  Piece Out West Blocks
3)  Start cutting on The Great Out Doors Quilt


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Nice job getting things done. I like your fabrics for the Out West quilt. (I hear ya on trying to get pics taken. We don't have a great spot in our house really so I make do or wait on weather. I love winter but trying to get pics has me ready for spring!) Visiting from Tuesday To-Do's.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, Tish! You are already on week six of the to-do list. How do you think it's working for you? I really like that tan paisley on your UFO quilt. It seems to match perfectly. I'm looking forward to seeing you start on The Great Outdoors, as well as seeing how you're going to quilt Mosaic. Thank you for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

dq said...

Yes it is! It looks so beautifully and crisply pressed.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Didn’t you do well! I look forward to seeing the finished quilt pics. You reminded me how I always worked better with a list, I do tend to butterfly at times.

Kathleen said...

Looks looks like it was a good week. Good luck with this week! Grey skies have been a little too plentiful.

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