Friday, October 22, 2021

All Stacked Up for Pickle


Today, I am celebrating a finish.  It's been forever since I have done anything quilting related.  I guess I just needed a break from life in general for a bit.  But I'm back and ready to make the thread fly!  I hope you are still here with me.  This little quilt was started back in March.  My niece, Pickle, has graduated to a big girl bed and she is way over due for a new quilt from her favorite aunt!

It all started with this fat quarter bundle that I found at Walmart of all places.  How can you turn town Catcus and Party Like a Flock Star?  The answer is you can't.

I chose a free pattern by Amber (Gigi's Thimble) and Amanda (Jedi Craft Girl) called All Stacked Up.  The larger rectangles were perfect for showcasing those fun animal prints.

As I recall it was easily pieced in an afternoon and sadly set for a few months while I over thought the quilting.  Isn't that what we do?

October came and I decided enough is enough.  I can continue to over think the quilting...or I can just overall quilt it and get Pickle her quilt!  There are forts to be built!

I went with Aurifil #3840 French Lilac, a beautiful variegated thread in shades of purple and a simple stipple to finish things off.

Sometime simple is just what a project calls for.  

So this week I delivered the quilt along with a copy of the book, The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt, to sweet Pickle and she loved both!  She was obsessed with the purple backing fabric because it matched her pj's.  I can't wait to hear about all the adventures she has with her quilt.  Who knows, maybe she will be a ghost?

Miss Pickle isn't the only one that loves the back of her quilt.

Her best friend Jackson seems to be pretty fond of it too.  I'm sure they will find a way to share.

Since things at work have finally calmed down and I've returned to things quilty, I will be bringing back the UFO Linky party next Saturday.  I hope you will join me back here to check out what we have all been up to.


Nancy J said...

A beautiful quilt, love that pale teal and the purple, perfect for them both. And a book too, a special aunty gift.

piecefulwendy said...

A great finish, Tish! The design and the fabrics are so fun!

Vicki in MN said...

I agree sometimes it is just best to 'get it done', and for a child simple can be perfect. I am sure she loved it. That pattern is a fast and easy but still very effective, I have done this one and should do another! Great to have you back Tish!

Sharon Kwilter said...

Adorable project. Congratulations one the finish.

Kathleen said...

Adorable finish and so glad the young one loved the quilt and the book. Also, very glad the cat approved too!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish!!! It seems like FOREVER since I've received an email from you about a new post . . . and here it is today! Well, technically yesterday but I'm behind on email. Woot woot! Sometimes we do need a break - from everything and sometimes life dictates that break for us. {{Hugs}} So glad you were able to finish Pickle's quilt and share it with us today. How darn cute is that?!! And that name - Catcus and Party Like a Flock Star!!! L.O.V.E. it. Wonderful job and finish. {{Hugs}} again just because I can. So glad work has somewhat returned to normal. ~smile~ Roseanne

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

What a great quilt and book to share with Pickle. I'm sure she'll have many dreams and adventures while using or sleeping under the quilt!

Emily said...

Lovely finish for Pickle! I hope it spends much of its life as a cape or a fort--I know she will have lots of fun withit. Such fun fabrics!!!

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