Saturday, May 11, 2019

UFO Busting #60

This week I introduced a fun little bit I like to call The Cut and The Pieced.

My own little soap opera documenting my work on the May Island Batik Challenge.  It's full of passion, wondering eyes and every good soap opera should be.

Let's see what you were up to last week.  Let me say that there was two ladies dominating their unruly UFO's.  Sometimes you just have to show a quilt who's boss.  First up we have Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life.  We all have that one quilt...maybe a panel...where things get a bit wonky and there isn't much we can do but cry.  Not Wendy.  She bravely took charged and showed that quilt top a thing or two and it is awesome!

Make sure you hop over there to see how she sliced and diced and showed this quilt how to play nice!

Next we have Helen at Midget Gem Quilts and her badly behaving Kaffe quilt.  You know the type of quilt, it taunts you.

It doesn't want to listen and stay on the design wall.  It sticks its tongue out every time you walk by and you give it a time out, that kind of quilt.  Make sure you pay Helen a visit and find out how she showed this quilt how to sit down and behave like a good quilt should.

Now let's see what you were up to this week?  Link up below and tell us all about it.

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For me, I'm just working on the next installment of The Cut and The Pieced.  So tune in next week and find out if I still have eyes for my March Island Batik Quilt.


piecefulwendy said...

Thanks, Tish, for the highlight! I have another UFO that needs finishing (this one will stay in one piece), but it didn't get done this week. I went through my UFOs this past week, and some of them have gone AWOL. No idea what I did with them. Maybe I have elves that come at night and finish them for me? Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the next episode of The Cut & The Pieced . . .

Kathleen said...

I love it...tell that quilt to sit down and behave. You do crack me up!

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