Friday, August 31, 2018

UFO Busting #28

I promise we will get this party going on it's correct day of the week very soon.  With tomorrow being the release of the next set of instructions for the Fireburst Mystery Quilt, I thought we would start partying again early this week.  It's never too early for a party.

I'd love to show you all the productive quilt things I did this week, but alas, thread to fabric, I wasn't that productive.  Nothing on my quilting list got accomplished this week.  However, that doesn't mean I wasn't productive.  I'm still riding the declutter rearrange my house train.  One of the areas I focused on was where my Sweet Sixteen lives.  After moving some shelving around, I changed the wall that it sets on.

Just by simply shifting it, the lighting for quilting is even better and it really opened the room up (I'm happy to report that the brown basket is living in the laundry room now).  I even have plans for the black basket once I pick up more command strips.

They make great little hanging baskets for my rulers and large cones of thread.

The only other quilting related thing that has happened is switching out the quilt on my bed.

This is an oldie that I've never written about before.  A queen size sampler quilt.  My SIL will be staying a few days with me and I felt a new quilt on the bed for her would be a nice change.  I've only got two more rooms in the house to "deal" with and my cheap and easy redo will be over and quilting back on the horizon.

So what were you guys up to last week?  Well Gail at Quilting Gail has had a similar mindset as me, and has been busy organizing and rearranging.

Doesn't her space look amazing!  Sometimes you just need a recharge to get things kicking in a more positive direction.

Erin over at The Lazy Quilter recently had a quilt top finish.  It is her Escargot Quilt.

Snails will move at a snails pace, but Erin was able to get them rounded up and headed toward the finish line.

And let's not forget Kathleen McMusing and her Playtime Plus (pattern and QAL by Sandra at mmm!quilts) quilt finish!!!

I just love the fabrics Kathleen used to bring this one to life.  I'm drooling as I type.  If you haven't had a change to read about these awesome projects, make sure you hop over and check them out.

Now let's see what you've been up to this week.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to check out the next set of instructions for the Fireburst Mystery Quilt.

It's time to create another block!


Nancy J said...

Phew, the 1stSeptember down here already. A few changes make a huge difference, and to have your sil stay will be so welcome. I am sure she will so appreciate the quilt. said...

I know I spent some time during the past few months reorganizing my space and am now paying for it. I spent several weeks looking physically and mentally for two books only to find that they were filed away in my bookcase when I was reorganizing my library--who would have thunk and now I'm on the hunt for my wonderful batting scissors which I had brought upstairs during my batting scrap reorg and now can't find them. I thought maybe I had put them away in the container filled with batting scraps but no. Hubby and son may have to go under the hot interrogation lamp to figure out where those scissors went. Just bugging me. I do like an organized space, as for a clean one, it only lasts less than a day.

piecefulwendy said...

I may try to do some rearranging soon. It's on my list, but I keep ignoring it. :-) I have a long weekend of free time, though, so who knows!? I think your bed quilt is very pretty, and I'm sure the rearranging brings a fresh feel to your studio. Have a good weekend, Tish! Thanks for bringing the linky back!

Stitchin At Home said...

More light is going to make your quilting easier. Enjoy your visit with your SIL.

Jayne said...

I love going on tangets of cleaning/rearranging! It's amazing how a small change can make things much better! I've been debating moving my sewing room to my son's old room (its bigger), but I adore the light in the smaller room. I have a question for you. I'm thinking about getting a couple rulers and foot for my domestic machine so I can try ruler work. Do you thing the average (me) is capable and what rulers would you suggest for a beginner?! subject!!

KaHolly said...

Rearranging your sewing space will make such a big difference!

Kathleen said...

WOW! Thank you for the mention in your excited. How do you like the sweet sixteen? I won’t have room for a longarm and am contemplating going that route some day. I just cleaned up my studio at home, after a week of trashing it! I haven’t a lot to show for the week as I am mostly plotting, but there was some progres made. Looking forward to block 2.

Erin Quinn said...

Oh my goodness! My snails are here!!! I'm all blushy and excited!! Thanks so much for sharing :-) Meanwhile my sewing room is an absolute mess because I haven't cleaned since I brought the snails home and dumped everything on the floor :-/ oops. i'll get to it this week and turn it into a usable space again, I promise. And it must be something in the air, because I just changed my bed quilt too. I think the change of season prompts the need in me to freshen up, even if it's just moving things from one corner to another - it makes such a difference. I hope you find the extra light over the Sweet 16 helpful.
E xx

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