Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Retreat Prepping

Another list.  I think I may have officially tipped the scales from sane to insane.  I'm in hyper excitement mode and making preparations to attend a quilting retreat in the near future.  It's never too early to start planning.  If you've never been to a quilting retreat before, Jen at A Dream and A Stitch has a wonderful series talking about different types of retreats and how to pack (check it out here).

Even though this list may seem a bit long for only being gone a few days, and a portion of those days will be shopping, I still have hopes that much can be accomplished.  My key, prepping before hand and organizing.  Okay, those that know me really well may have just spit their drink all over the computer screen, because organization and Tish usually do not appear in the same sentence, but I can do it when I WANT to. 

So what is the plan?  I have pretty much pre cut everything that I logically could.

I have cut quite a few strips to become the borders on Jenny's unicorn quilt.  I'm not sure which fabric way I want to use yet, so I cut fabrics already used in the quilt and some other fun rainbow fabrics as possible contenders.  Which ever I do not use will either become a Jelly Roll to give away or a Jelly Roll quilt.

Recently, I have purchased Judi Madsen's iquilt classes for Bernina.  I have watched the Quilting Makes a Difference class which talks about the difference between traditional quilting motifs and modern motifs.  The best way to practice quilting is by quilting something.  So, I would like to make two of the 24" sample quilts and practice both of her quilting designs.  The only way to get better is practice! (have I said that before?)

Also on the list is another 36" version of Karen Korner's Star Cross quilt, pattern found on the Juki website.  David recently pieced one as well.  Once I get mine pieced and both quilted, they will become extra's...meaning if we need something to donate, we have something on hand.

The block exchange blocks for the guild meetings will also be tagging along.  It's just time to get these finished, or close to it.

I couldn't leave home without bringing my dogs with me, could I?  This is just a slow ongoing project using fabrics I purchased during a quilt retreat last year.  The quilt is 100% for me and my real life pooches so no rush.  I hopefully will sneak in some time to make a block for Karen at KaHolly and her charity quilts.

The recently started baby quilt Star Blossom also needs finished.  I have four our of the nine blocks pieced.  I've made this quilt so many times, I could probably just finish this one while I'm sleeping.

I may need to dig through my stash one more time before I call the fabrics for the October Aurifil BOM good.  This one is a great one to take with me, because it will require some English paper piecing which I no nothing about.  I dear friend has offered to help give someone a demo on this method, so I was thinking I could sit in on it as well.

This small pile of stuff will be my car project.  Have you ran across Mister Domestic's fabric pinecone ornaments???  OMG, I love them!  Our guild will be hosting an ornament exchange again this year during the Christmas party and I have decided to join in with these little babies.  I just have to be careful not to spill the applique pins in David's car or my retreat time will be spent playing pick-up-pins.  Mister Domestic, I am definitely part of this fabric party!!

The "Brad's Baby Quilt" isn't pictured, because I may just look for fabrics while we are out shopping.  I still need to look through my stash to see if I find fabrics that grab my attention.  I'm thinking it will be a version of the Woven Baby Quilt David and I recently made or possibly an easy charm pack quilt of some sort.

I do have a method or plan for working on these projects.  My friends will either think I'm completely crazy or a genius.  Typically, I work on several projects all at once.  That may sound a bit confusing, but I've learned to be a multi-tasker in life and that's usually how I tackle multiple sewing projects.  Since most of these projects are already cut out, all I simply need to do is sew them together.  I promise I will take pictures of the craziness and we will talk about what I got done (or not done) after I'm back and settled in.

So for now it's back to packing and prepping to go.  I'm looking forward to many laughs with friends and touching beautiful fabrics.  Have you gone on a retreat before?  What is your favorite part of getting together with sewing buddies?


Cheryl said...

Have fun at the retreat, it looks like you have some great projects planned.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

My favorite part of going on a retreat is getting to be around other quilters (which is really rare for me)! It sounds like you are planning ahead and I hope you have a great time. How did teaching go??

Nancy J said...

Just like when we went camping, I packed so much in case I ran out of things to do. A lovely selection, and I like seeing what other quilters are doing, share ideas, and maybe some swapping will go on as well. What about clothes, food, and other minor necessities?

Stitchin At Home said...

Have a great time at the retreat!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the shoutout Tish! Retreats are so much fun!! I always bring a billion projects too. You never know what mood you will be in and if you plan to find something there, chances are you won't. Everyone I have ever known brings a project they bought at the previous retreat and didn't start/finish yet. :) I hope you have a ball!

KaHolly said...

You make my head spin! I can’t believe how organized you are! Thanks for the mention. I’d love a Dog Gone Cute Block from you, and from anyone else who might feel so inclined! There’s no deadline, and there are no rules. Pet Rescue during catastrophic happenings is so important and sometimes overlooked by the general public. It will be so rewarding to be able to help. Enjoy your day. Thanks for the links!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Good luck with your projects and have fun at retreat. It's better to take too many things than to risk running out of something to do.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

You've got quite a list of projects lined up, beautiful ones from the looks of it. I've never been to a retreat, but do tend to overpack when traveling so that I can have more choices and variety in case one outfit doesn't work out or I'm just not in the mood for it. So I think having extra projects along is a good thing as long as they fit in the suitcase. Save room for new purchases!

Emily said...

I prefer to work on multiple projects at once, too, Tish, so I'm glad to see that method works for other quilters. This is a great list and I hope your retreat is productive!

Preeti said...

Love all the activity in your studio - such yummy colors, but the list is overwhelming, Tish. But then if anyone can do it, it would be you :-) Hope you have a great time.

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