Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Covered In Love Feb Blocks

One of my favorite uses for my stash, is making blocks to send to Kat (Kat and Cat Quilts) for her charity Covered In Love.  I am hoping to be able to donate a few blocks each month this year.  Helping others is always a rewarding use for one's stash.  For February she put out a call for Split 9 blocks in the following color ways.

Photo from Kat and Cat Quilting

So since my stash is nice and organized, I was able to quickly pull some greens, blues and creams.

 And the cutting process was able to commence.

The blocks went together super quick, being made of two HST's and seven squares.

After everything was completed and I was cleaning up, both Oliver (the cat) and Princess Caroline of the Fuzzy Butts (her official kitty title) approached me with their thoughts on the matter.  They felt if I was going to send something to Kat, I should probably send something to Cat as well.  They kind of had a point.  I told them not to worry I would take care of it.  

We have a thousand (okay maybe 6) of these little mice around our house.  We call them the moo-sa moo-sa's.  Oliver loves to find them and leave them "dead man" floating style in the water bowl for the dogs to find.  Occasionally, he will retrieve them when they have reached a suitable water level and place them strategically on the floor for us to step on, hopefully with socks on.  Miss Caroline carries them around in her mouth and wrestles with them.  You never know where one will turn up.  I thought this sounded like a suitable gift for young Rory (Kat's cat) and set out to find one.

As soon as I purchase a new moosa for the house, the tag and elastic cord are immediately removed.  Oliver has an unhealthy obsession with eating them. 
The whole time I was assembling the package to mail, I felt like I was being watched...and I was by my tiny chocolate colored ninja.

Like most little kids, Miss Caroline didn't quite understand why I wouldn't let her play with the new moo-sa moo-sa.  

Hopefully, when the package arrives in the next few days, both Kat and cat will enjoy their happy mail.

If you would like to help contribute to Kat's charity or just learn about it, you can check it out here.

Today I am linking up with The Year Of The Stash and Needle and Thread Thursday.


Nancy J said...

lovely blocks, super fabric choices, wonderful project, and to be CAT scanned, best of all.

Cheryl said...

Cute blocks and very cute kitty! My cat likes little sparkly poof balls. We try to keep them upstairs but once and a while she knocks one down the stairs and the dog eats it.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Love the colours, great project. Alas, no more cats for us, Indi the springer spaniel has banned them from the house.

Lisa J. said...

Very pretty blocks. How nice of you to send gifts to both Kat and cat.

Stitchin At Home said...

Lovely blocks and the fabric choice was great.

Sandra Walker said...

Well Princess Caroline of the Fuzzy Butts has made warm fuzzies burst forth in my heart right now. As you will with your beautiful (can NOT go wrong with blue and green just sayin') blocks for Kat. I like quilts made with this block, such great overall designs occur. Okay now I'm on the hunt for a moosa moosa...Bella has little furry mice but not quite as delectable-looking as these! What a hoot that Oliver deposits them in the water dish!! Bahaha. Having perched this afternoon on the open hatch back part of our SUV with our dogs after their walk, and felt that oozing wet butt feeling of having sat in the drips from them slurping up water, I can totally feel the "squersh-ew" feeling of stepping on a wet moosa!

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

An excellent use of stash fabric! Thanks for linking up with Stash Love @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

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