Monday, December 21, 2015

Stitch Fix--#3

That moment when you open your Stich Fix box

I interrupt this quilting blog to say, oops, I did it again.  I broke down and had a second fix in November.  Since we were debating on traveling to my sister-in-laws for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be fun to have a few new things to wear.  Raquel did not disappoint.

I fell in love with the grays, blues and purple as soon as a pulled them from the box.  I was over the moon happy to see that Raquel had read my blog post about the last fix and took a few minuets to get to know me and my little world.  My hope was that linking to my blog in my profile, my stylist would be able to see my clothes on me and that it would aid in picking out future items.  Maybe it helped, because I ended up keeping all five things in this fix.

So let's get on to the goodies, shall we?

41 Hawthorn Lizzy Colorback Striped Sweater

Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean

In my last request to Raquel, I asked for boot cut jeans instead of skinny jeans if at all possible.  Unfortunately, she could not find any to send, but instead sent me the boy friend jean.  Heaven.  I still like my boot cut pants but these are so comfortable.  They are not a tight fitting jean, just soft and great to curl up in.  As for the sweater, I had actually pinned this item on my Pinterest page, so when I pulled it out of the box I was super excited to see it.  It also comes in a black and orange combo, I believe, and either would have been fine by me.

I love this outfit so much, I am actually wearing it as I type this post.

Before I made a decision on the next two items, I had to consult someone I look up to as a fashion guru, my sister-in-law Terri.  Before I committed to trying this service, I spent some time surfing around on Pinterest reading blogs about peoples' fixes...people I do not know and have never seen.  Someone would post that they didn't keep something because it make them look bigger or did nothing for them and I would be like what???  That looks amazing on you!!  So I realize sometime we do not see ourselves as others do.  I tried asking my hubby and daughter for their opinions but didn't really get any answers.  (Note: don't ask during PS4 or teenage drama time.)  So I turned to Terri.

Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

The cardigan was another item I had pinned and Raquel was able to hunt down.  When I first tried it on, I feared that it may be to long for me and made me look even wider.   Damn my short legs and torso!  But Terri assured me that I should keep it.  I trust her opinion, so I did.  And I'm very glad I did.  

Papermoon Marsha Mixed Material Top

As a quilter, I LOVE the pattern on this shirt.  I could just chop it up and turn it into something great.

Lots of purples, tans and white.  But I promise this shirt will not be harmed.  I even love those tiny buttons.  The shirt is longer in the back and kind of curves in the front.  Again, I wasn't sure that it did anything for my figure.  When I saw myself, all I could see was my stomach.  So, I snapped a picture and sent it to my guru.  She informed me I'm nuts and said to keep the shirt.

Bancroft Esme Beaded Oval Long Necklace

And last but not least, this long beaded necklace.  As far as jewelry goes, I have to admit that this wouldn't be my first pick.  I like long necklaces and I like beaded necklaces, but it just didn't scream at me.  What did scream at me was 25% discount on everything if I kept this 5th item.  Don't get me wrong, I will wear this and it will go with things that I own, so I'm very happy to have it.  But if I had been sending another item back, I probably would have sent this back as well.

So for my third fix, I think Raquel it a home run.  I love all of the pieces I have kept so far.  They have been great additions to my wardrobe.  Interested in a fix of your own?  Read more about how to get a fix of your own in my first post here and also check out my second fix here.

Well to sort of quote my friend Brianna at The Iron & Needle, I hope you have enjoyed my blind-date with a clothing shipment :)


Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Great outfits!

Crystle said...

I also got those jeans and love them!!!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I too love bootcut jeans! Though I really hate buying clothes!! LOL!! You new outfit looks way glad it made your smile!! Happy Holidays for sure!

Crystle said...

I have done it twice and kept everything. As a matter of fact I am wearing a shirt right now:). I did my first one then my second right away after that. I am holding off now until the end of January:)

Sandra Walker said...

Good thing I'm on my laptop in the comfort of my own home, becuase were I in a public place people would be looking over at me and frowning...I actually said out loud, "Oh YES! Tish, that looks FANTASTIC!" for the cardigan, and THEN when I saw that purple sweater (which could be in my closet ANYTIME) I gasped aloud again, and said, (out loud) "Oh WOW! that looks AWESOME!!" Like I've said before, I love that you are so real, and honest, and that is spot on, that we don't see ourselves like others do. I am sending both my daughters here to read this. Very few of us are anorexic-looking with massive boobs, and it is refreshing to read your posts. I look forward to the Stitch Fix ones almost as much as to your quilt ones!!

Cheryl said...

Great outfits! She really picked out great pieces for you.

Brianna said...

Haha, thanks for the quote :) I'm way behind on blog reading and that just made my morning. You are doing well with this Stitch Fix! I love those colours, and I think the cardigan is my favourite. Very flattering.
I agree that it's nice to get someone else's opinion on clothes. My mom and sister and I take care of each other on that, even if we're a little too honest sometimes.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

The sweater and blouse that Terri approved look fabulous on you. They are definitely keepers.

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