Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fate or Chance...You Decide

For the most part I do believe that most things do happen for a reason.  Most of the time we do not understand things till much later.  And I 100% believe in listening to that little voice deep down inside of you, or your gut feeling.  I think the story I'm about to tell is a strong argument for fate...but maybe I'm just a romantic.

Though I come from a ridiculously huge family, I am an only child.  Lots and lots of cousins but no siblings.  So I like to think of my closest friends as the siblings I never had.  I met my friend Jackie several years ago but it wasn't until the past few years that we have become very close.  I jokingly refer to her as my wife.

Really, I like to think of her as my parenting mentor in this crazy time of raising kids.  She is one of the strongest woman I know, and by herself has raised three of the most amazing kids I've met.  She loves my daughter and several other children as if they are her own.  Her heart is huge and full of love.

Now that I've introduced my main character (and in our town she's kind of a celebrity...ex-hairdressers tend to be that way), I will start my story.  A few months ago, we stopped by a local pizza place to pick up an order.  I ran in while she stayed in the car.  I chatted with the guy working, got our order and off we went.  The next day at work I was telling a cousin of mine about going to the pizza place.  He inquired about the guy working and when I described him he laughed and said that's our cousin.  I assured him that, no, we aren't related to his guy and he explained to me we where...practically drawing our family tree all over the wall at work.  After that I never thought more about it.

Fast forward several months.  I text my friend to see how her Monday was going and she sent me a picture of a guy.  My thoughts were "who is that" and "why does he look familar?"  She proceeds to tell me she met him through her work and that he manages the pizza place.  What?? What??  I call her immediately to say, I'm pretty sure I'm related to him.  What a small world.

They have been seeing each other now for a few months and I could not be happier for them.  I have not saw my friend this happy and it looks great on her!  Plus I'm getting to know someone in my family better that I really hadn't met before.

Jackie has carried around the top half of a dollar bill in her wallet forever.  The other day she and her man had went to dinner and she pulled out her money to leave a tip.  The half of bill fell out and he asked what it was.  She told him it was kind of a joke to say she always had fifty cents even if she was broke.  This morning he sent her a text of a bottom half of a dollar bill taped to a wall...THE OTHER HALF OF HER BILL!
The serial numbers matched.  Turns out the bottom half of her bill was taped to the wall at the place he works waiting for it's match to show up.  According to a note on the bill it has been on the wall since 2013.

Is it complete chance or fate that has brought this bill back together?  I'd like to think that fate has something to do with it.  This dollar bill didn't bring them together per say, but it adds to the story of their journey where ever it may lead, and I think that it is beautiful chapter.

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Unknown said...

What a lovely story! I wish nothing but the best for these 2. What a great story to tell the grandkids ;)

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