Thursday, March 19, 2015

Accountability of the Accountant

Slow down 2015!  Time is passing to quickly and there is not enough hours in one day to complete everything that I need and want to do, and there seems to be big differences in the things I need to do and want to do.  I need to work, those stinking adult responsibilities just won't seem to go away.  I want to quilt 24/7 and somehow those two things are getting in the way of each other.  My long term goal is to find a way to bring them into balance...oh, crystal ball where are you??

The other fail on my part is to embrace healthy living.  I love my family very much and I want to be around a long time to make them miserable and drive them crazy.  It's a free service I provide to those that love me.  I realize with 40 sneaking up on me that maybe I'm not 20 anymore.  Things effect you differently, though I do not want to easily admit that.  Things like blood pressure and cholesterol must be taken into consideration because they do exist.  I need to take them even more seriously because heart disease runs wild within my family and I'm hoping my choices have not lead it to my door already.  I lost my father in 2011 to a massive heart attack and miss him everyday.  I do not want this for my daughter.  

So after a doctor's appointment on Monday I find myself looking forward to finding out my cholesterol levels...oh goody...and needing to lose at least 10lbs by May.  BLAH.  I can do this, I know I can but I must find a way to balance my life.  I thought by making an announcement of this information maybe the fear of public shaming will scare me into the changes.  No one wants to admit failure.  So check back in with me in a month and see if I've succeeded.  

I have be wanting to try my hand at quilting feathers ever since I started free motion quilting.  I try to draw them everywhere to get the muscle memory down.  I've watch videos, read books, and searched on Pinterest (or the black hole of time as I like to call it) about drawing feathers.  Finally, I think I have it down!
I also spent a little time playing around and ended up with this.
I have not been brave enough to try combining fillers yet but I think I'm ready to give it a try.

I needed a break from a bigger quilt I have been working on and Pat Sloan revealed the next Aurifil Designer Mystery Mini quilt this week, so I decided to piece it last night.  I love it!  It may be my favorite so far.
 I just finished watching Cindy Needham's class called Design it, Quilt it: Free Form Techniques on Craftsy and hope to incorporate some of the things I learned in this class.  Will feathers finally make an appearance on this little top?  Stay tuned.

So I will close with this (and it's more for me than anyone reading this);  if you can free motion a feather after all the hard work, you can lose 10lbs, so please shut up and just do it :)

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