Saturday, May 29, 2021

UFO Busting #146

 It's a super rainy Saturday here, which makes for the perfect excuse to stay in and grab some extra quilting time.  This week I'm feeling super motivated to finish stuff almost to a point that it's a distraction.  I'm having trouble focusing on just one project.  As my friend Sandra would say...squirrels everywhere!  

I'm so close to a finish on the Building Blocks Baby Quilt.  I'm really kind of sad it's almost over.  I cannot wait to show you the entire quilt!

All of the squares are quilted and I'm down to the borders.  I refuse to let them get the best of me.  Not 100% sure what I will quilt in them. Over thinking seems to be the biggest problem.

I'm trying very hard to not let the urge to piece something, over take my urge to quilt.  I spent quite a bit of time this week focusing on free motion quilting.

  The first unit of Free Motion Quilting Academy kicked off this week.  Even though I'm already comfortable with the motifs discussed this week, it was important for me to practice them anyway.  There is always room for improvement and practice just helps things to be second nature.  The pile of UFO's in my back room need me and just these 4 motifs have me pumped to use them on those quilts.

Speaking of UFO's, Rose over at Something Rose Made was cranking out the UFO finishes last week!

Just look at those sweet little quilts!  Three perfect little finishes.  I love that she incorporated beautiful straight line quilting.  Simple lines can create such great texture on quilts and really let the fabrics and piecing shine.  I do believe I spy her finished Fire Burst (a QAL I hosted back in 2018) in the middle.  Make sure you swing over and congratulate her on all those finishes!!!

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Rebecca Grace said...

I just love how you're quilting those baby blocks, Tish! What about simple ribbon candy quilting in the borders? I think it would set off the ruler works in the blocks nicely. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great!

Sherrie said...

Love the quilting on your nice.
Have a great day!

Kathleen said...

I agree that ribbon candy could be perfect. I also love some of the ribbon like motifs - free flowing curves that cross each other. You are such a pro and this quilt is looking fab!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! I have been excited to see your FMQ lessons. I agree with you that while you are comfortable with these first stitches, practice is great and they are steps toward building other, harder stitches. Your practice looks fabulous! I enjoy doing loops and definitely need lots more practice on swirls! ~smile~ Roseanne

Carol Andrews said...

Tish your Baby Building Blocks looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the full finished quilt.

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