Saturday, March 6, 2021

UFO Busting #139


Happy Saturday!  It feels like spring is so close you can taste it.  Everything is turning green and I'm loving it!  

Also, this week, I am loving fabric.  Most of my quilt time went to gathering fabrics for projects.  I will begin working on some secret sewing that I won't be able to share, but what I can share is the pretty fabrics I will be using.

What better way to welcome in the new season than with some happy spring colors!  I can't wait to start chopping these beauties up.

Since I won't be able to share my progress, I figured I needed an easy project to work on at the same time that I can share.  Enter these beauties.

A friend recently asked if I could make her a bed quilt using these fun pastel prints.  Simple big square blocks will be perfect for show casing the flowers and humming birds and will provide me with quick easy piecing. all.  In the middle of all this piecing, I hope to dedicate one evening a week to only quilting.  I have a million UFO's that need busted and if I just keep creating more where will that leave me??

Right now it leaves me looking at last week's party and Donna Lee at DonnaLeeQ and a really good UFO idea.  Donna is just like me, totes of started projects that I fell out of love with and hope to return to. 

The difference between Donna and I?  I return to the tote and wonder...what was I making exactly?  Donna returns to the tote and says...

Oh, yeah, that's my project.  Donna includes a picture of the project or the pattern to make sure she knows exactly what she's working on when she picks it back up.  I love it!  Now, I need to run into my sewing room and do this!  Thanks for the great tip, Donna.  Sometimes answers are so simple but you just don't think of it at the them.

Now it's your turn.  Link up below and show us what you've been up to this week.

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And now I will leave you with this...of course I can't help but talk about sewing when I'm at work.  It's what I do.  And everyone there humors me and pretends to's what we do.  This week my co-worker comes in grinning and says what makes a quilt?  Squares that are attached together?  I said yeah, that's a loose definition but I'll allow it.  He then presents me with his first quilt.

And proceeded to hang it on my wall of quilts so everyone will be able to see it.

I swear in between all the goofing off we do, work gets done...well maybe.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful things come from tote bags and plastic storage boxes - I will be playing with boxes of green today

Sherrie said...

I'm always surprised when I dig through my storage boxes.
Lots of things you totally forgot about and new things
you are working on. Have a great day!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Bring on spring!!! Those are wonderful fabrics. Can't wait to see the finish.

maggie fellow said...

He's a born artist

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! Lane definitely has potential. Maybe next time he might try just a week bit of diversity in his 'fabrics'. It is lovely, though. I wonder what quilting stitch he used?! Love your secret sewing fabric selection. And the bed quilt fabrics for your friend are very Spring-y! I loved DonnaleeQ's suggestion, too. I've got to pop over and see what's up with her. ~smile~ Roseanne

dq said...

Happy co-worker relationships make work go by so much smoother and faster! Your writing makes me smile so I can only imagine how much fun the real you is.

I loved your fabric pulls for your secret sewing.

QuiltGranma said...

is his made of post it notes?

Emily said...

That's fun! I love that he added it to your quilt wall!

Lynette said...

Haha!!! Lane's quilt contribution is so hilarious! I would keep it as a permanent addition, just for the grins it holds. :)

Rebecca Grace said...

I think Lane should have had to layer his "quilt" with two other pieces of paper and then "quilt" it with staples before he could hang it on the wall, but I'm just a purist... ;-)

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