Tuesday, March 10, 2020

To-Do #10

To-do lists.  Sometimes if feels like a game of darts.  You can see the board.  You concentrate as you contemplate and calculate your throw.  And you land each little dart perfectly in the center.  Some times you drink a beer, blind fold yourself and just start throwing.  In those instances you either hit the board somewhere or nothing at all.  As long as you had fun...that's all that matters.  My list was a total drunkin game of darts this week.  But more darts ended up on the board then the floor.

Last week's list:

1)  Continue quilting on Mosaic Mystery--yes

She's not close to finished yet, but I'll give it at least 1/2 way.  Hopefully, even more progress will be made this week.

2)  Baste the cat and dinosaur kid quilts--can you say squirrel

This didn't get done.  But I decided it made more sense to wait.  If I made a few more, I'll baste them all together.  Besides, I'm still quilting on #1, so I won't be quilting them just yet.

3)  Piece block 3 in the Out West BOM--nope

I started making half square triangles...does that count?  Block three contains some of the border fabric.  I still wasn't quite satisfied with what I had chosen for the red, white and blue one, so I did what any quilter would do.  I ordered something else of course.  With that fabric arriving yesterday, I didn't get them completed.

4)  Decide on a pattern and cut out another donation quilt--done

Yup totally decided on another pattern.  Like three different patterns and cut out five quilts.  Oops.  This is the family of squirrels that made me decide not to do #2.
5)  Make time to work with my cousin on his daughter's quilt--technically I did

I did technically  make time to work with my cousin on this quilt.  What I didn't see coming was he didn't have time.  That's okay it allowed me to over do list item #4. 

This week's list:

1)  Keep on a'quiltin Mosaic Mystery
2)  Keep on a'piecing kid charity quilts
3)  Make block 3 of Out West

Ok, time to get back to the new list.  Now where did I sit that beer?


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes I just throw the to do list away as I look and it and ignore it and do something totally different!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! Oh look - #10 already. Definitely making HSTs counts toward your Out West block. You can't make it without them! Lots of donation quilts going on at your house - a very squirrels wrecking havoc. Great job on your list and thank you for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I read “baste the cat” and was worried for a moment

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

This gave me a chuckle. At least darts hit the board. LOL Good luck with this week's list.

QuiltGranma said...

Hmmmm. "Baste the cat" I sure hope that isn't any thing like basting a turkey!

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