Saturday, January 19, 2019

UFO Busting #45

We are officially over the half way point in January, is everyone still with me?  I do hope so.  I'm still slowly plugging away at projects over here, but my focus has changed a bit this week.  Yesterday, I made an announcement that I was chosen to be one of the Island Batik Ambassadors for 2019.  I can't tell you how excited I am and scared.

So this week my focus has been planning for the monthly challenges us ambassadors will be participating in.  I've inventoried what I will be working with and made a plan on rationing it out to the projects, but we will talk more about that in February.  So needless to say, most of my sewing has been very secret...shhhhh.

I did manage to sneak in another dog block for the Dog Gone Cute Quilt.  I must have really really loved the white swirl fabric and dots gifted to me from Helen, because I had cut out a second puppy using those fabrics.  I love him so much.

I have the last puppy all laid out...he needs a bit of pressing.

One problem I noticed is his eyes are completely lost in the black fabrics.  Maybe I need to cut a bit more of the blue dot fabric and this little fellow can have different colored eyes?

I haven't fallen behind, but I still need to make this week's block for the A Flower Bouquet QAL.  I have all my fabrics picked out, I just need to cut and sew.  It's on the agenda this weekend.

Other than hopefully, some quilting time and wine, that pretty much wraps things up for me this weekend.  Let's see what you guys were up to at last week's party.

Wendy at Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life was celebrating a finish that I can admit I'm a bit bias to.  Recently she finished quilting and binding her Fireburst Mystery Quilt.

My heart sings every time I see one finished.  It's like meeting my quilty grandchildren, is that weird?  Make sure you pop over and congratulate Wendy on her finish.

Then we have detective Melva on the case!  Melva from Melva Loves Scraps recently was given an antique quilt that needs just a little bit more love to be called finished.

Upon reflecting about the maker of this quilt, Melva asks some great questions.  What will others be able to tell about us from the UFO's and quilts we left behind and what would you want them to know.  Make sure you click over there and check out this post about quilting mysteries.  Personally, I think it was Mrs.  White in the parlor with the feather weight, but only time will tell.

Now let's see what you have been up to this week.  That is a mystery I definitely want solved.  Link up below and share your quilty adventures or even lack there of.

This week I received a beautiful card in the mail from a long time friend.  She gets me.

She may not be a quilter, but she found her own unique way to give me a quilty hug and I love it.


chrisknits said...

Congrats on your recent news! I think you will do well. I am working on bindings for 3 projects. Just need to get myself moving, but it's a rainy day and I just want to lounge!!

Kathleen said...

So glad to have you in the IB program - it will be a fun year! Love the card your friend sent...just perfect!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! How did I miss yesterday's exciting announcement?!! I was going to ask if you got the BIG box, did you get it, did you get it. But obviously you did! COOL. I can't think of anyone more qualified - not one single reason you should be nervous, girl. You got this with one hand tied behind your back. It will be a great experience, you'll learn a lot, you'll stretch your sewing acumen AND get to work with cool new fabrics (and batting and thread). Looking forward to your first project. You know lots of the IBAs too, so they'll help you if you get stuck. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

piecefulwendy said...

Thanks for the highlight, Tish! I am so excited for you as you go through the year as an IB ambassador! I know you will enjoy it and do well. No UFOs this week, still playing catch up, and then a squirrel interrupted everything. Haha!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Yeah for more dogs!! I'm slowly finishing up UFOs.

Janice Holton said...

Congratulations on your new venture, Tish! I am not one bit surprised and am looking forward to seeing your batik creations this year!

dq said...

Congratulations on being an Island Batik Ambassador! It sounds like you have put a ton of thought into what you will be making to conserve fabric. I will enjoy watching.

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