Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Message In A Bottle

Welcome to my stop on Cheryl (Meadow Mist Designs) and Paige's (Quilted Blooms) hop celebrating their recently published book, Modern Plus Sign Quilts.

When I was first contacted about participating in this hop and getting a sneak peek of the book, I don't think it took 60 seconds to respond with a big, YES PLEASE!  I've always been in love with both Cheryl and Paige's work, so there was no doubt that the patterns contained within this book would be amazing.  They did not disappoint.

Modern Plus Sign Quilts, is a book for everyone, beginner to well seasoned quilter, appliquer to paper piecer.  It contains sixteen fun projects ranging from small to large quilts.  Any of the projects in this book could be easily scaled up or down depending on your project needs.

I chose to work with the pattern Message In a Bottle. 

Picture curtesy of CT Publishing
This large scale plus sign quilt spoke to me.  As a lover of free motion quilting, when you quilt something you like...echo, echo, echo (to quote Angela Walters).  I think that is why I love the small outline of the plus sign, it's a nice echo.    Plus, who doesn't love a quick easy baby quilt? They are my favorite.  Quick to piece and bring on the quilting!

I dug into some of the Bonnie and Camille The Good Life that I had on hand and went to work.  As I pieced this quilt, my mind began to wonder.  Measuring in at 48" square, wouldn't it be fun to piece and quilt a smaller version?  The answer was..yes...yes it would.  So with a bit of simple division, I present to you, Message In a Bottle 24".

A 24" version of this quilt is the perfect wall hanging, table topper or even doll quilt for that special little one in your life.

Seeing these two quilts together I began wondering, how low can I go?  **Cue the Limbo music!**

Message In A Bottle 12"

Message In A Bottle 6"

I seriously contemplated a 3" version, but chickened out.  Six inches is pretty teeny.  Three inches is crazy.  My point, with the patterns in this book and a bit of imagination you can create anything.  Like Kitty's (Night Quilter) zippered pouch, Soma's (Whims and Fancies) tea mat and coasters or Jessica's (Quilty Habit) pillow.  Or you can just challenge yourself to a great game of quilt block limbo, like me.

You can pick up your own signed copy of Modern Plus Sign Quilts at both Cheryl and Paige's Etsy stores.  Every day of the hop our hosts are giving away some pretty cool prizes.  Make sure you stop buy Meadow Mist Designs and Quilted Blooms to get entered and check out the designers posting each day and their beautiful plus sign projects.

Below is the schedule for the hop

Monday, March 12
     Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
     Paige @Quilted Blooms

Tuesday, March 13
     Signature Plus
          Soma @Whims and Fancies
          Ann @Brown Paws Quilting
          Kitty @Night Quilter
     Tribal Plus
          Sophie @Luna Lovequilts
          Afton @Quilt Mod
          Shelley @The Carpenter's Daughter Who Quilts

Wednesday, March 14th
     Plus Surround
          Jayne @Twiggy and Opal
          Jen @A Dream and A Stitch
          Abigail @Cut&Alter
     Kaleidoscope Plus
          Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl
          Sandra @mmm!quilts
          Karen @Run Sew Fun

Thursday, March 15th
     Postage Plus
         Linda @Flourishing Palms
         Bernie @Needle and Foot
         Liz @Savor Every Stitch
         Stacey @Stacey in Stitches
     Rick Rack Runner
         Michelle @From Bolts to Beauty
         Patty @Elm Street Quilts
         Melanie @A Bit of Scrap Stuff

Friday, March 16th
     Row Addition
          Myra @Busty Hands Quilts
          Izzy @Dizzy Quilts
     Transparency Chains
          Ruth @Charly and Ben's Crafty Corner
          Christa @Christa Quilts

Monday, March 19th
     Faceted Rings
          Jessica @Quilty Habit
          Cindy @Hyacinth Quilt Designs
          Jennifer @Inquiring Quilter
     Petal Plus
          Julie @The Crafty Quilter

Tuesday, March 20th
     Message in a Bottle
          Tish @TishNWonderland
          Judy @Sew Some Sunshine
          Emily @The Darling Dogwood
     Cute as a Button
         Wanda @Wanda's Life Sampler
          Karen @Tu-Na Quilts, Travels and Eats
          Katherine @Sew Me Something Good

Wednesday, March 21st
          Anja @Anja Quilts
          Kate @Smiles From Kate
          Sue @Sevenoaks Street Quilts
     Pinwheel Plus
          Carole @From My Carolina Home
          Alison @Little Bunny Quilts

Thursday, March 22nd
          Debbie @Esch House Quilts
          Laura @Slice of Pi Quilts
          Beth @Cooking Up Quilts
     Bear Claw Plus
          Janice @Color Creating and Quilting
          Joanne @Quilts by Joanne

Friday, March 23rd
     Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs
     Paige @Quilted Blooms

I'll leave you with a few more pictures before I sign off.

A big thanks to Cheryl and Paige for allowing us all to review their book.  They have done an amazing job putting together a collection of modern quilt patterns using one of the most traditional blocks that is sure to become a classic for all quilters, traditional and modern.

Today I'm linking up with Midweek Makers and Let's Bee Social.


Sue said...

I love the fabrics and colour combination you used for your main quilt - just gorgeous! You haven't disappointed with your multiple versions. Will we be seeing more? Your quilting is divine and - wow- great photos - nice work!

Paige said...

Oh, Tish, you've out done yourself! Every size is lovely! I particularity like the background quilting in each of them. Thank you for joining in the hop with your each and every one of your finishes! :)

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Great job! You caught the fever, hehe. All are beautiful, Thanks for sharing.

Nancy J said...

This is the extra icing on the cake!!! Love the quilting lines, and the tiny ones. All absolutely wonderful.

Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine said...

Wonderful versions, love your fabric choices on these!

Lisa England said...

Wow, such fun to see your series of shrinking projects!

Patty said...

I love every one of these! Wonderful fabric choices and quilting.

KaHolly said...

Oh, I don’t know, Tish! I think you made this too much fun! Very nice, honey. You always do such lovely work.

Stitchin At Home said...

What a fun game! Love the colours and quilting on all of them Tish!

piecefulwendy said...

I am so completely enjoying seeing everyone's work on the projects in this book! I am just itching to make some of the patterns. I really, really think you need to make the 3" block though. Seriously. It'll only take a minute or two. Hehe. I like the colors you chose and, of course, your quilting is amazing!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, I love all of them! What a wonderful sets of quilts, from baby to mini sized! I love each of the fabric combinations you used, thanks so much for being a part of the hop!!

Alison V. said...

These are all so great! I love the big floral print that you used in the biggest two!

Emily said...

QUILT LIMBO!!! Tish, you are too funny! I couldn't believe it when I kept scrolling down and seeing smaller and smaller quilts! They are all really lovely, and as a set they are just too cool!

Lisa J. said...

Tish : These are all awesome and I love what you did with them. So inspirational.

Jayne said...

You really took it to another level Tish! I love every single one of your quilts...big to small! I think you could have handled a 3"!! I agree the book is inspirational and with a bit of creativity each and every one could be made in to so many different quilts!

Vicki in MN said...

Fabulous job Tish! I like how you quilted the background.

Quilter Kathy said...

How fun to make the same design in so many different sizes!

works4me said...

I really like your radiating quilting and thank you for going limbo with the pattern. So much fun.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Wow, Tish, these are beautiful! I love that you challenged yourself to halve the size so many times. I also really like that the quilting on each is similar but unique, too. Do you have plans for the versions you created?

Danette said...

That is just really great - every size of quilt can be used and enjoyed! So fun!

Sandra Walker said...

I still think you should do a 3"... Love all four. My favourite shot is on the side of the barn. How did you get it up there?!

Julie @ The Crafty Quilter said...

I love your miniature versions of the original quilt! It was fun to see the quilt keep shrinking as I read your blog post. Beautiful quilting too!

Diane M said...

What a great collection of quilts you ended up with! The radiating quilting looks great with this design.

Julie said...

As someone who’s seen these progress behind the scenes, I think they’re all beautiful! And this was the first time to see them all together, and finished. Nice work, Tish, and love your inspired design with the FMQ!

Bernie Kringel said...

Wow! I love the whole set of quilts Tish. Each one! That 24" size is so cool -- your quilting makes them shine. You clearly enjoyed yourself with this project. :-)

Amista Baker said...

I love them all!!

Cat Lady said...

Love all the different sizes your created. Yes, 3" would be rather interesting.

Susan said...

Didn't you have fun with all those different sizes! Quite the little family!

Janice Holton said...

Quilt block limbo! I love it. You are always so creative not only in your quilting, but your descriptions! When I saw your quilt, I thought, Ahhh! Some bright big prints! My kind of quilt! Fun post, Tish!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Hehe, what a fun post Tish, love it! Lovely quilts, lovely fabrics and lovely quilting too. My only disappointment was the lack of the 3 inch version, well you did put it into my head!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

What a fantastic parade of lovely quilts. Thank you for sharing the story in making them and providing words of encouragement. I may be tackline one of these very soon!

Ioleen said...

Great parade of quilts. Love that you made different sizes. Well done 💕💕

Marti said...

What a wonderful series of quilts! I love the quilting you've done on them. Looks like you really enjoyed this challenge.

Katherine said...

Such delightful versions, Tish! Love how you played with scale, used a variety of fabric combinations and the movement your quilting adds to each piece. So awesome!

I also got a chuckle with you considering scaling things down even further... good to know I'm not the only one that entertains such things. A true indicator of a fun design when you consider making it in as many sizes as possible! :o)

Louise said...

So. Much. Fun! This is a great demonstration of how versatile the patterns in the book are, too. Great job going above and beyond the call of duty on this blog hop, Tish :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not using embedded comments so I can leave you a message telling you how wonderful I think your quilts are - in all sizes! I was actually glad that you didn't do the 3" one. If you weren't crazy before that, you probably would have been afterward! =) Thanks for sharing what you did.

rosemaryschild said...

These are all just too cute! I love the name & the fabric & quilting is wonderful! Thank you, Susan

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Oh Tish, these are wonderful! Your post reminded me of Russian nesting dolls...you kept revealing one, then another and in the end I was smiling! Your fabric choices were perfection. I really enjoyed this.

Karen @runsewfun said...

Oh how fun! You must keep going and make the 3" for a coaster...or a pincushion. Also, I love how the quilting makes these pluses shine. Well done.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

These look fantastic in the big flower print. I love the green toned background too. Have you found a barn to photo them against? Are you creeping round your neighbours' houses at crack of dawn taking location photos? insert smiley face

Cut&Alter said...

Oh Tish I love all your Message in a Bottle quilts and I love the phrase quilt block limbo!!! Your post really shows how versatile the quilts and blocks can be ..... are you sure there's not a little bit of you still contemplating a 3"????

Ruth said...

Very cute! The limbo reference made me smile and you looked like you had lots of fun with it!

Mari said...

Quilt block limbo, how funny! These quilts are all just lovely. I especially like the 6 inch one. Now, how big can you go? :)

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

All so beautiful! I'd have to say that my favorite is the 24 incher ... You can't beat B&C with a heavy dose of white in the background. It's classic!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Wow...look at all those sizes. These are all great projects. Well done.

Sherry said...

It was fun to see all of the different sizes of this great design. I loved taking a look at the way your quilted each piece.

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

I was smiling the whole way as I was reading your post. That is really a fabulous set you made! Thank you for mentioning my tea mat in your post. A few 3" blocks for coasters?! That would be fun!


Sandy Panagos said...

You sure had fun with this!

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