Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Fabrics For Future Gifts

So here was the scene Saturday morning, two quilters both on a mission...acquire fabric.  So out the door we went, our destination several local quilt shops.  On my list were two quilts that will end up being gifts.  The first is a baby quilt using Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilt's latest pattern, Ducks in a Row for a co-worker and his wife who are expecting their first baby.

The second quilt will be from Angela Walter and Tula Pink's book Quilt with Tula and Angela and it's called Sugar Skull Quilt.  The recipient of this quilt is a little more complicated?  Let me explain.  I'm very much into trying to listen to what the universe is telling me. Okay that may seem a bit weird.  But when I get a gut feeling about something, even though it may not make sense to me, I try my best to follow it and most usually, it never steers me wrong.  I have an Instagram friend who I find very inspiring.  They are a true artist in my eyes.  Every medium they pick up be it, pencil, paint, clay or ink, they create beautiful works of art.  I have actually met the person once, many many years ago, but I really do not know them.  They are a local talent in the area I live and for a while now, I've had the gut feeling I need to make them a quilt.  I have no idea why, but I need to do it.

When I saw the Sugar Skull quilt in the book a few weeks ago, I instantly knew it was what I am suppose to make and the color palette will be red, black and white.  So classic and sexy.

So let's get back to shopping...shall we?  Our first stop was a shop in our home town called Helen's Hen House.

I picked up 1/2 yard cuts of the above fabrics to kick off the Sugar Skull quilt, two white/black prints and two reds.  I'm not sure what the first print is, but the second floral black and white print is a Focus II print by Paint Brush Studio.  The first red print is Ivy Lane for Quilting Treasures and the second is a red print by Blank Quilting.

After David picked up a few fabrics, we hit the road again and headed to a quilt shop to the north of our town called Sew Chic.    I found myself searching for more Sugar Skull fabrics and didn't walk away disappointed.

My first find was a beautiful red batik fabric with wiggly lines that reminded me of stippling.  Next up was a red and black print, Cotton Screen Print Style by Benartex Fabrics.  And last but not least, was that cute little black and white flower print, Happy! by Me & My Sister for Moda Fabrics.

 It was while at this store and seeing a charm pack of grunge fabric it hit me...I MUST have black Grunde for the background fabric!!!!!!  Though Sew Chic has quite a few bolts of Moda Grunge, black was not one of the colors.  When we were back in the car I called yet another shop about 20 minutes away to see if they had it...they did!!

Northern bound we continued.  Our destination was Country Roads Quilt Shop, another one of our favorite shops.  I bee lined it for the bolts of Grunge to stake my claim on that beautiful bolt of black and stumbled onto a gorgeous hot pink...HELLO!  So I carried it around with me as well.  While looking through the white on whites I found a darling heart print, Whispers Muslin Mates by Studio for Moda Fabrics and decided that combined with the pink Grunge a darling little duck quilt could come to life.

Of course I got some yardage of the black Grunge as well.

While I was drooling over my fabrics, Dave was drooling over some fabrics of his own.  The internal struggle (that we all know very well) of "should I, shouldn't I?" began playing out in his head.

Our daughter set on the floor in the defeat of having two quilting parents and probably took to social media to see if anyone could save her from boredom.  I floated and fluttered among the reds and whites searching for more fabrics. 

From top left to right: 1) Frosty Forest by Cherry Cuidry for Benartex, 2) a beautiful red print that the selvage let me down, 3) another rich red batik, 4) Moda Marble Swirls in red, and 5) a red and white print with a chopped up selvage.

From the bottom left to right: 1) Hazel by Cluck Cluck Sew for Windham Fabric, 2) Moda Grunge in White, 3) a wonderful white batik, and 4) a white on white with circular patterns on it.

So here are all my fabrics for the Sugar Skull Quilt.

I can't WAIT to start whacking up fabrics and put them back together again.  More importantly, I can't wait to get them in quilt form and gift them to their new owners but for now, I hear a few small quilt tops calling my name for quilting.  Hopefully, I will be able to share them with you by the end of the week.  Until then, I'm gonna drool over my fabrics I bit longer and then start quilting.  

Make sure you hop over to Dave the Quilt Engineer to hear all about his fabric purchases and what he has been up to during his quilting absence.

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Kaye M said...

Love the red fabrics that you picked out but I wondering if you are concerned about them bleeding. Do you plan to wash them before cutting or check for bleeding? The last red fabrics that I bought I had to soak them 5 times before I got most of the excess dye out!

Stitchin At Home said...

Love all those reds and the black grunge YES!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I am very curious to see how those fabrics come together in a sugar skull quilt. I am a huge fan of listening to your intuition and inner voice, so I'm excited to see where this goes for you! :)

Sandra Walker said...

Sugar Skull "-SUCH a cool name for a quilt and such fabulous fabrics you found to make it! The pink is going to be a darling baby girl quilt; I love Lorna's new pattern. How wonderful, albeit rather dangerous, to have a quilt-making husband with whom you can quilt shop hop!

KaHolly said...

It's great when you have 'a plan'! Judging by your pretty fabrics, it's a good one!

Cheryl said...

Great fabric additions! It is so wonderful that you have so many quilt shops by your house.

Jayne said...

I can't even imagine shopping with my husband for fabric! Especially if he was also shopping for fabric. You picked up some wonderful fabrics...and I cannot wait to see what you do with them!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

A sugar skull quilt - my future dil seems to like sugar skulls . Helens hen hut - a great name for a quilt shop - all Helen's are great anyway

Lisa J. said...

Those reds and blacks and whites are going to make a wonderful quilt. You tell a nice tale of fabric shopping.

Preeti said...

Oh the pensive look!!!! So many decisions.
Good to see you both :-)

Vicki in MN said...

Quite a nice stash haul you found! Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

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