Monday, November 7, 2016

WIP Check In

I feel like things have been super quite over here in my neck of the woods for the past week, but that is because I have been working my little tail off trying to cross things off of my 4th quarter list.  

Since we are in the second month of the quarter, I thought I would check in to see how I am progressing.

1)  A Hop Project for Paint Brush Studios  

I am happy to report that this one is finished and has been crossed off the list.  You can read more about Autumn Blooms here.

2)  Read With Me--Bookshelf Quilt

This one is currently sitting on my living room floor looking like this.  I discovered that the jelly roll that my cousin picked out only contains 24 strips, which is not enough.  So I'm digging into my stash of 30's reproductions to help bridge the gap. 

3)  Mini Round Robin--This one is finished...however I have not blogged about it yet.  I just need to capture some pictures and set down and write.

4)  Snowman Quilt

aka Snow Friends, pattern by Leanne at Devoted Quilter.  This one is finished and I have blogged about it.  You can read more about it here.

5)  Stay Up To Date on Meadow Mystery

Check.  I was a month behind, but managed to do both October and Novembers instructions this past weekend, so that I can show them at my guild meeting Monday night.

6)  Finish MOD Bear Paw Quilt

I'm not sure it looks like it in this picture, but I am making progress on this one.  I have been working it as a leader/ender project as I sew other things and I'm at a point that I will sew the rest of the bear paw blocks together.   

7)  Piece 6 more blocks in my Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt--Umm...nothing to report here.  I may pull it out after I finish writing this to pick my fabrics.  Mr. Stemple is currently quilting his Added Up Quilt he is making for his sister.  It takes most of our sewing space so I am being a good girl and letting him have the table to himself.

8)  Finish Piecing the Pat Sloan's My Secret Garden Quilt--I haven't worked on this one in a month or two, but I will I promise.  I just need to piece the last block and put the thing together.  

9)  Quilt Psychedelic Cat Lady--Getting closer.  Like I'm gonna start in the next few days.  This one is currently 1/2 basted.  The backing and the batting are spray basted, but after doing Mr. Stemple's quilt first, we ran out of basting spray.  A new can should arrive on my door step Wednesday.

10)  Charity Quilts for the Guild--Still need to work on these to babies.  They are basted and ready to go.  Which just made me pause to ask myself why I'm sitting here and not quilting them?  However, I have decided on where they will go after they are finished.  I will be donating them to the Ronald McDonald house in Morgantown, WV.  

11)  Finish A UFO--I've decided which one it will be...probably my most embarrassing UFO...the first first quilt I ever made.  Yup, you read that right.  The only thing it needs is a binding to take it from UFO to finished quilt.  It is a queen sized Turning Twenty and I can almost see it on my bed!

12)  Quilt Ocean Sky--(this is where the finishes start to make me nervous)  I am hoping to see this one to a finish, but I guess it will depend on how quickly numbers 9 and 10 go.

13)  Midnight Mystery--Both of my Midnight Mystery Quilts are still waiting to be quilted.  I hoped to have one of them finished before 12/ see explanation of number 12.

14)  Small Gift for a Friend--this one is actually finished, just waiting on me to take pictures and write about it.  I have contacted my friend to let her know it will be coming her way in hopefully a week.

I am pretty darn amazed at what I have accomplished in a little over a month and what I am projecting to finish by the end of this month.  Maybe there really is something to this list thing.  Have I been converted to being a slightly more organized person???  I have even re organized my stash and made a list of all my WIP's and quilt kits that need made.  All of my charm packs live together as do the other pre-cuts. Who have I become???  Okay, now my head to sip a glass of wine and work on those fabric pulls.

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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Wow, that is super awesome progress! Hurray! And didn't it feel good to "scratch" some of them out? :)

Ariane said...

You are doing so well. Like me, you have a lot of projects on the go at the same time. Time is not always on our side, but progress is progress. Can't wait to see the projects you got done.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I thought that was an impressive list and I must admit I am impressed again . That's impressive progress . Your first quilt - I have to ask , do you still love it ? You are so close to the home stretch in these projects , but as we know that home stretch is the tiring bit, the basting and the quilting . Atta girl !

Paige said...

This, what progress! Thanks fantastic!

Summer said...

looking lovely ♥

Susan said...

Great progress on a long list! Congrats on the finishes - they're beautiful

Sandra Walker said...

You are humming right along! Public shaming is a good incentive no?! Man I love seeing Autumn Blooms again just so gorgeous.

KaHolly said...

You've done well! I'm impressed. I've been bagging up unfinished projects for winter storage with despair! But will pack them in order of priority, so that when I return in the spring, I can pull them out and finish them up. Keep up the good work! XO

Stitchin At Home said...

Just maybe lists are for you after all. I am totally impressed with what you have been able to cross off already. Great finishes.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

I'm so impressed with your list and how much you have checked off - makes me want to go make a list of my own. I'll write it up and send it to you, okay? :) I'm hoping to get back to normal projects after this weekend. You've got me motivated!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

You're making great progress. I haven't touched any of my FAL goals. Where does the time go???

Miaismine said...

Wow! Congratulations! You're doing great on your goals! Thank you for sharing the read with me quilt - just pinned it for 2017 on my secret board! :) Good thing my grandbabies don't read yet! LOL! Thank you again!

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