Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Quilter's Dream Easter Basket

With Easter upon us this weekend, many people will be celebrating with baskets of colored eggs and milk chocolate bunnies.  So I thought I would take a look at what would be in my perfect Easter basket.  The first and obvious would be fabric...lots and lots of fabric.  So this week in the mail the Easter bunny brought me a few surprises.  Not really surprises...I ordered them, I take full responsibility.  I was doing a bit of online shopping with Miss Sandra of mmm! quilts since I can't physically shop with her.  First up (pictured above) a pack of 10" squares from Connecting Threads called Cat Lady.

I also purchased this 10" square pack in Mosaic Blooms.  I am hoping to pair the two together to make Fat Quarter Shops No Bake Jolly Bar quilt.  I know a lady who is getting ready to go through a battle and could use some extra love.  I'm hoping the quilt will bring her comfort when she isn't feeling well.

I also may have been influenced to give a new thread a try.  No, I'm not breaking up with Aurifil, it will always be my main squeeze.  But I thought I might give this spool of Essential from Connecting Threads in Dusk Variegated a spin on my machine.

Most people celebrate Easter with their favorite chocolate bunny.  Chocolate bunnies everywhere.  I'm going to introduce another idea...a chocolate kitten...but not to eat.

Meet Miss Caroline Kitty Cat Princess of the Fuzzy Butts.  If you follow me on Instagram you have met this little lady before and are aware of her cute shenanigans.  I haven't really spoke about her on my blog (very very long story) before, but I have decided to officially introduce her to you.  She is too cute to keep quiet about.  Caroline came to live with us when my husband fell in love with her.  Not everyone was excited about her arrival.  Oliver was less than pleased.  Especially when she discovered our sewing space.

I think this picture says it all.
She loves to give her brother a hard time.  She is constantly hunting him and jumping on him.  Before you view this video, let me explain that Oliver is de-clawed and Caroline really had this coming.  Oliver tried to escape from her by getting in this basket of scrap batting.

From the very beginning, she has been learning the ropes of what it takes to live in our home.  My husband was nice enough to explain to her that she is a quilting kitty and must learn the responsibilities.

She is a great napper.

She loves using quilts for her naps.

She loves a good fabric tote...full or empty.

She loves to help write blog posts.

And she is a stealth ninja.  She's everywhere.

With the other animals being older and our daughter a teenager, Caroline has definitely brought some life back into the house.  We have to make sure things are put up, small presser feet and scissor are too tempting to run away with.  She makes Christmas 100% more fun.

Do you want a chocolate kitty yet?

And lastly in my Quilting Easter basket I would like classes, and let me tell you Craftsy is coming through on this one.  This weekend, tomorrow through Monday, all Craftsy classes are $19.99.  That's 50% off or more depending on the class.  YES!

This is probably one of my favorite sales that they run from time to time.  If you are looking for a class to try, check out my reviews of Angela Walter's Dot-to-Dot Quilting, Chirstina Cameli's Wild Quilting, Caro Sheridan's Shoot It, and Jessica Marquez's Product Photography at Home.  I have about eight classes hanging out in my wishlist, now to decide which one(s) I'll be treating myself to.  So don't forget to hop over there this weekend and check it out.

And don't forget to pop back over on Tuesday to check out my block for the Paintbrush Studio 2016 New Block Blog Hop.  I promise it will be a fun one.

Now it's time to get back to the machine and work on Labyrinth some more.  I'm a little frightened that this OMG might not get finished this month.  

A sneak peak until I finish.
Time is ticking and there are lots of family events to attend this weekend.  But family time trumps quilting time every time...unless they are driving me nuts. (just kidding...sort of)

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Johanna said...

What a fun kitty Caroline is!

Stitchin At Home said...

What a cute kitty, I'm sure she keeps you on your toes. Your quilting on your OMG looks great.

Lisa J. said...

Your kitty is so beautiful..but i can see why Oliver gave her a clout! I'm thinking I might need some of the cat lady fabric myself....and I'm presuming you've seen Lorna's newest pattern.

Sandra Walker said...

Have you ever caught some fabulous shots of your own personal ninja, Princess of the Fuzzy Butts! Poor Oliver; that picture needs no words, and the video shows she deserved to be put in her place. Now I'm wishing I got some of the cat lady fabric...think I bought enough though for a while! My order hasn't arrived yet, but it's on its way. Love the one of her sleeping on a "vicious" pibble. :-) You've got almost a week to get your OMG done; I think you can do it!

DianeLoves2Quilt said...

I have used Essential thread from Connecting Threads and been quite happy with it. I have not used the variegated yet though I have bought some. I have heard (may just be a nasty rumor) that variegated thread independent of the manufacturer can be a bit tricky since the different colors can have varying strength or stretch in the thread due to how it picks up the dye. Not enough to break necessarily but enough to make stitches a bit uneven, if you are a perfectionist and care about a fine level of detail. I like your version of an Easter basket - less calories and fewer zits - but still all the luscious foil colors.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Those are some great fabrics. I love the thread from Connecting Threads. I just recently purchased some variegated spools and can't wait to try it out. Miss Caroline is a cutie.

Lara B. said...

Miss Caroline of the Fuzzy Butts is just too cute Tish. That expression on Oliver's face in the second picture says it all... and I see she was stalking him there too, LOL. She seems to like sleeping on Pibbles as much as quilts. :)
Very cute fabrics! I hope the quilt you sew for your friend does bring her much comfort.
I just finished Christina Cameli's class and absolutely loved it.

Preeti said...

I just splurged on CT when they were having 40% off days, one day for fabric and the next day for backing. I own a cat too. By Marriage. His name is Jonesie. Honestly, sometimes I am jealous of him, nestled closely with Paul at all possible times :-p Very noble of you to let Miss Caroline get all that attention from your husband :-)
Looking forward to more of the Labyrinth!!!

memmens said...

Looks like you've been having fun with fabric and cats! Thanks for joining in with Sunday Stash

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