Friday, October 16, 2015

Where has October gone?

October has turned out to be a very crazy month that has left little time for sewing, let alone writing.  It's mainly been a time for family and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  (Hope that wasn't too graphic)  So what the heck has been going on??

I did finish my two quilts for the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop hosted by Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts.  The blog hop is going on every Tuesday and Thursday in October with a linky party in November.  You can check out my adorable little pooches in my Dog Gone Cute Post and find a list of my blog hop litter mates.

And the sewing for the most part has stopped right there.  But that's okay, because I have been celebrating things like my daughter's birthday and her first homecoming.  Finding my daughter another year older, I find myself asking where did my baby go?  It's kind of scary how fast time passes.

With all of the birthday excitement, it was also time to watch her cross another milestone (milestone in a teenager's book) and prepare for her first real dance.  With the help of my bff Jackie, my daughter felt like the belle of the ball.  With Jackie's magic touch Jen was able to score the Pinterest hair win she was looking for.  Thank goodness for friends!

For a warm your heart read check out Fate of Chance--You Decide, a story I wrote about Jackie and her husband.  It will make you wonder if some people are just meant to be together.
After a few waves of a magic wand, a proud daddy was ready to send his princess off.

Now that things have slowed down, hopefully I can find a bit more time to finish some projects.  

This is a pile of my finished blocks for Pat Sloan's Vacation Time Mystery BOM I have been working on this year.  At the beginning of October Pat released the final instructions for constructing this quilt.  This is my number one goal right now...must finish this top.

After a bit of work last night I have one row complete, so I'm hopeful there will be a reveal next week and hopefully come up with a cleaver quilting plan.  Stay tuned.  Then the only thing left will be to catch up on the Midnight Mystery Quilt and Gypsy Queen Mystery Quilt Along.  I'm so far behind on the Gypsy Queen one I question if you can really say I'm participating.

The last random event in my mid October adventure is the discovery of an online personal shopping site called Stitch Fix .  Because I am barely 5' tall and well...very curvy, I find it draining to shop for clothes.  The only textiles I truly enjoy shopping for come neatly wrapped on bolts.  (Can I get an Amen?)  Stitch Fix is a company where you fill out a style profile and personal shoppers send you clothes to try on...wait for the privacy of your own home.  Normally, (I'll be honest here) if someone told me they were doing this I would probably laugh (long and hard) at them, but I hate shopping so much, I thought why not.  I'll let people who like to shop, shop and I'll quilt.  Basically, they send you five items, you keep what you want and mail back (in a prepaid envelope) what you do not want.  I thought worse case scenario I send back everything and I'm out $20 and I'll eat some ice cream.  Plus there is no commitment.  After receiving my first "fix,"  I was over all pleased with the results, but I'll talk about that later (you have been pre-warned).

So that pretty much wraps up my October so far.  I think it's time to catch up on what some of my quilty friends are doing out in blog land and run back to my machine.  I always love hearing and seeing what you have been up to.  Until next time...lets all go touch some fabric.


Anonymous said...

Love this and you!!

Gina said...

Your daughter looks so pretty in her party outfit. My daughter turns 21 on Sunday and I'm starting to feel old now. I'm like you I hate clothes shopping. I find it so boring. I tend to stick to the same classic style of clothes that I know I can get easily and quickly

Brianna said...

Her hair turned out great! I've been hearing a lot about this StitchFix, sounds interesting. Those dogs are so cute!!

Stitchin At Home said...

Your daughter looks beautiful! Stitch fix sounds intriguing.

Johanna said...

I struggle finding clothes too. If only my legs were just a bit longer! Kids grow up so fast. My oldest just started high school! I started dating my future husband when I was just a few years older than she is now. Wow.

Sandra Walker said...

Honestly the ideas people come up with in the business world just blow me away. What a great idea! I'll be watching for your reveal of clothing! Think there's a witty pun in there... Your daughter is indeed beautiful and what a cool hairdo. Glad your friend could make the magic happen, and hopefully her dance was just that, magical. Wow your husband hasn't changed much over the years. :-) Love your colours (as I alwasy do) of the Pat Sloan BOM.

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