Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scraptastic Award--Part 2

Several weeks ago, I posted about a Scraptastic Award I received earlier in the year, when I inherited the scraps of my friend's very talented grandmother.  Boxes and totes full of tiny scraps she had saved over the years.

At the end of September when Kat over at Kat and Cat Quilts put out a call for scrappy string blocks for her charity Covered In Love, I knew that some of Grandma Carver's scraps had found a home.  So last night I pulled out a tote of sorted scraps.

Don't worry, I still have more to sort through.  My thoughts were to channel my inner Mrs. Carver, reach in with my eyes closed and grab two heaping handfuls of fabric and let her guide me in the chaos.  

 A side note, if you are also working on another project, say a mystery quilt, and already have small squares sitting on your work space, move them before placing a large pile of scraps on the table.  After a bit all the fabric starts to look alike.  Luckily in this story no mystery quilt pieces were harmed or discarded.

I started out by following Kat's suggested method for making the string blocks by using an 11" base block and sewing my strips on as I go.  When Oliver heard me talking about Kat and Cat Quilts he automatically assumed this meant that an actual cat had to be present and help with the project.

I never let on and gave him the task of guarding the garbage bag I keep on the chair to make sure I didn't toss something of importance.  

After I had covered my block in random strips, it was time to turn it over and trim it down to 10.5."

After trimming away the excess fabric and flipping the block over, what was left was a perfectly squared completely scrappy string block.

So after several more sew-press-flip-repeat I had four blocks that I will send out today to Kat.  

I would like to think that Grandma Carver would approve of the blocks and their destination.  Thanks to her hoarding collection, a family that is in desperate need of a hug might be able to find some comfort in a quilt.

With practically almost all of the scraps gone, what will I do??  Try typing that with a straight face.  You can hardly tell that I have made a dent in the mass of scraps, but that's ok, I have several other ideas in mind for them.  If you would like to help a fellow quilter in her quest for making quilts for those in need, pop over to Kat's site.  There is still 11 days to makes some string blocks to send out.

And always remember, sort your scraps thoroughly, you never know what you may find.

   Come join the party!  Today I'm linking up with:  Sew Fresh QuiltsFreemotion By The River, Blossom Heart Quilts , and Quilt Story.


lalaluu said...

Great string blocks for a great cause. Sending Kat some string blocks this week even though I did not have any cat helpers. My dogs tend to scare them all away! ;)

Cathy said...

I love the string blocks and what an entertaining post! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sandra Walker said...

AWWW the Princess has found herself a nest! Darling girl. I love wise Oliver, guarding the scrap bag and (but of course?) assuming a cat had to be involved for a project for a blog of that name... I just love string blocks; since I made Cynthia's scrap-a-palooza one, I now have a Rubbermaid container just for strips. :-)

Ioleen said...

Love your blocks. My guild made string blocks for a charity we are involved with and found they were entertaining. Had a fun filled sew day.

Brianna said...

aw, I love the little scrap of a cat :) Oliver looks like he's doing a good job of guarding.

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