Monday, August 3, 2015

Size Does Matter--Wait What Did She Say??

Well I'm happy to report I made it through Friday night band marching and no tears were shed.  I think having a group of family and friends around me took the edge off of the my-baby-is-growing-up-blues.  After two weeks of hard work everyone did great performing the new field show.

Most of my weekend was spend doing mundane house work (exciting stuff there) and finishing my Jungle Gym mini quilt.  I hope to have a post about it within the next two days.  I think I squeezed quilting on to every inch of this 20-ish square quilt.  Here is a little sneak peak.

My other big project for the weekend was to work on my mystery block for the...drum roll please...

I had purchased some practice fabric to test out my block before the real fabric actually arrives.  I got my instructions out cut my first bits of fabric and realized there was no way I had enough fabric.  What the???  I read and I re-read.  What was going on??  Then I realized the one rectangle was longer than the actual block.  Something had to be incredibly wrong.  I WALKED AWAY.  

After a bit of time I got my trusty lap top out and looked at my EQ7 design.  It took a few minuets to find the blunder but it finally popped out at me.  My block size was still set at 30 inches from when I was working on the block for the Quilters play.  Oops!  Big oops!  Guess what?  When I changed the block size back to 12, things looked much better.  So back to the cutting board this evening.  At least I wasn't playing with the for real fabric ; )

This also gave me the idea, that I may keep the 30 inch sizing and also make a mini quilt of the block.  I think it will have some nice quilting potential.  So the lesson from this weekend is, size really does matter :)


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've done this more than a dozen or so times, Tish. Glad it all worked out!


Hannah Jennings said...

I have EQ7 on my wishlist; I hear and see so many people using it and the results are always so stunning. I'd love the added help of a program to help with designing my mystery block for the hop, but so far I'm old schooling-it and drawing ideas out of graph paper. I can't wait to see your block reveal!

Stitchin At Home said...

I don't have EQ, maybe some day. In the meantime I use my graphics program and graph paper.

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