Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midweek Adventures

Wednesday is upon us and the weather here in north central West Virginia is still hormonal.  I think mother nature is having some real issues.  This was my view yesterday as I waiting to pick my daughter and niece up from band camp.  Beautiful blue skies, white fluffy clouds and plenty of vitamin D rich sunshine.

By the time I got home thirty minuets later, dark skies had started to form leaving me no time to get pictures of my finished dandelion block.  UGH!  But I guess I can't complain about mother nature too much.  As I watched the kids proudly march by me in formation, I started to tear up as my daughter marched by.  This was the first time I have ever seen her march in formation.  She is growing up too fast.  All I could see as the kids went by was small ghosts of their kindergarten selves, carrying instruments that where way to big for them.  So I guess I understand how mother nature can cry so quickly.  Maybe she just feels my pain. 

Enough of that.  So I spent most of the evening working on July's Aurifil Mini by Ebony Love called Jungle Gym.  Her version has lots of bright colors; yellow, purple, red-orange, and green.  One of the fabrics even has cute little elephants on it.  These are not my normal color pallet choices so I admit I was having trouble figuring our my strategy.  My first thought was something in blacks and whites.  Then I stumbled onto this great turquoise fabric with what reminded me of white firework bursts with pink in the middle.  Then my vision was complete.  Whites, blacks, hot pinks and turquoise would be my color pallet.

Note to self: work on the whole cloth block.  It feels neglected.
Since I was changing up the color scheme, keeping track of what fabrics would go where really seemed to take the most amount of time.  The quilt is made up of basically six different blocks.  You can sort of see her quilt on my phone it the picture below.  Oliver was doing his best to try to help me keep everything straight.  He pretty much knows I'm a lost cause most days.

As I pieced the blocks together, I kept thinking man this quilt reminds me of something.  Then it hit me these are the same colors I used in The Death Quilt.  Instead of reverting back to the tears I just kind of smiled and thought, these are great colors.

Read about The Death Quilt

I didn't get all of the blocks finished. I still have eight more to go, but I should have the top completed in the next few days.

 I hope you will stop back later and check it out.  I also hope to show some pictures of my block for the play Quilters being performed by our local theater group.  Until next time, I hope everyone has a quilt-y day.

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EmileeHope said...

Great colors! I love the "fireworks" fabric!

JanineMarie said...

I love your color choices. And how your cat is in the middle of it all. I'm looking forward to seeing your block for the play.

Anonymous said...

I love those fabric choices!!! Your cat made me laugh. Whenever I have a quilt (even if the blocks aren't joined together yet) laid out on the floor my dog thinks it's time to lay down on the quilt. She thinks I make them all for her.

Sandra Walker said...

I love this post Tish. Love what you wrote about Mother Nature. It made me tear up too. Sniff. Oliver is so much like Bella - I swear cats get memos about appropriate quilt-lover owner (owner because they own us right) care. I will check out Ebony Love's quilt for sure, am loving those colours together. And the Death Quilt....better grab some Kleenex first methinks.

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