Monday, June 1, 2015

The Quilter and The Cat

I do all of my quilting on a domestic machine. I long for the day when I can scream from the roof tops, "I finally bought a long arm!"  I've been on a miniature quilt kick for several months now, as some of you know, and I think I have become spoiled.  I forgot about some of the challenges that come with handling large amounts of fabric in a tiny opening.  But it definitely can be done.

After finishing the last Aurifil Designer Mystery BOM 2015 I thought I would finish this Mystery Quilt I found at the Gold Coast Quilter's Guild  website.  I wanted to be able to call it finished before it ended up in the dreaded UFO pile.

The quilt is so colorful I wanted to do something fun with the quilting.  So I thought I might go with some dot-to-dot quilting and ribbon candy.

So after getting everything ironed and pinned together I was finally ready to get to the quilting.  Oh, how I waited for this moment.  And that's when I remembered what it was like to start manhandling all the fabric around.  I hadn't had to do that in a while.  In the past few months, I think the largest thing I've touched was 30 inches square or possibly smaller.

So after a few deep breaths, I jumped in.  I decided to start with the ribbon candy.  Something easy that I could work on without any marking.  I was buzzing right along, lost in my groove when the fabric stopped moving.  What the...

Meet Oliver, I'm pretty sure he was a quilter in a past life.  Anytime the fabric seizes up nine times out of ten he's decided to lay down on it.  My miniature quilts are too small to lay on while they are on the machine.  All he can do is set beside of me and glare or knock my scissors in the floor.

At least he let me get most of the white ribbon candy finished this evening.

He drives me crazy but I'd miss him if he wasn't here.  But please, no one tell him.


Anonymous said...

Your FMQ is very good! Way to go.

Crafty Ashley B said...

Looks great! Seriously need to start the hashtag: #quiltcat for all these pictures!

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