Monday, February 9, 2015

4-H Love---How How!!

It seems like the older my daughter gets the busier we are.  Definitely a bitter sweet thing, because before I can blink she will be trying to tell me she's and adult and ready to do her own thing.  One of the things I am grateful for is that she was introduced to the 4-H program when she was in elementary school.  She dearly loves and believes in this organization and it is giving her confidence and helping her become the beautiful young lady she is today.  By going to the different camps she is able to meet other teens from different areas of our state and make friendships that may last a lifetime.

I have to have a proud parent moment for a moment...excuse me while I climb up on my soap box.  The two weekends ago she participated in our state air rifle competition for the first time.  Though she did not place she did an amazing job for her first year considering she had only been shooting since November.  This past weekend she participated in her club competition.

She placed 1st place for the girls junior division.  She also participated in the club archery shoot as well against a neighboring school district.  
She placed second in the girls shoot for her grade.  Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of her because we had to leave before the final scores where announced.  Hopefully, her team will advance to the state competition.

A big clap of hands for the  4-H organization for sponsoring these actives!  Through the clubs, camps, and sporting events such as these,  the children have a chance to learn teamwork, confidence and the value of their community.

As any true 4-h'er knows camp is where it's at and everyone takes a deep pride in their tribe...even when they are adults.  During my daughter and nieces last year at younger camp they were both chief of their tribes.  For our family it was the Delawares vs the Mingos.  My fear was a scalping as the girls are very competitive, but they happily proved me wrong and worked together to lead their tribes.  My heart rannith over, so of course I made quilts.  It seemed like the perfect presents for Christmas so they could take them to camp the next year.

I tried to personalize each one with things specific to each tribe such as tribe colors and animals but also give them blocks that represent camp itself.  Each quilt has a Maple Leaf block (Maple is the name of the cabin everyone wants), a Friendship block, Indian mat and Indian Star blocks.
The Delaware quilt is done in the tribe color of black and has their mascot the Fire Bird, a Birds in the Air and Delaware Star block.  The Mingo quilt is done in the tribe color of red with their mascot a bear, a Bear Paw and Ohio Star block.  And of course they both have the four leaf clover blocks representing Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

Both girls loved the quilts and proudly displayed them on their beds at camp.  How! How!

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