Tuesday, October 29, 2019


OMG you all!  Fall #missingmarket on Instagram was the bomb!  What is #missingmarket?  Twice a year (fall and spring), the super amazing Kim @gogokim and Natalie @sewhungryhippie organize a photo challenge event for those of us not lucky enough to attend Quilt Market.  During the three days of market several hosts through out the day will challenge us with different photo prompts.  Post your picture, make sure you tag the hosts and use the appropriate hashtags and you can be entered into drawings for some very cool prizes.  Plus, the hashtags make it super easy to visit everyone in the quilting community to see their photos.  Its an excellent opportunity for you make lots and lots of quilty friends!

I thought it might be fun to share a post of the different photo prompts and my pictures for each challenge.

The day before market opens, we are encouraged to share a picture of ourselves and share #fivethingsaboutme  It's fun trying to come up with 5 new facts.

1) I owned a sewing machine for almost five years before I touched it.  It was a gift from my mother and in my young stubborness #CantDomesticateMe
2) With Halloween around the corner, I will confess I had a ghost experience at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
3) I hate meatloaf
4) I LOVE reading the hashtags on Instagram posts and will follow someone just because their tags make me laugh
5) My favorite TV show is The Office and I believe I have finally found a real life job that is as close to the show as I'll get.

Day 1

Host: Kim @gogokim
Challenge: #WhereISew --show a picture of where it is you create/sew at

On the left is where I do all my piecing, cutting and prepping.  On the right is where I do almost all of my quilting.

Host: Tara @weftyneedle
Challenge: #FatQuarterBeautiful --show off that stash!

The top left shows where fat quarters go to live and the bottom cabinet is where I store precuts along with knickknacks that belonged to my grandmother.  The right side is shelving that holds the majority of my stash.

Host: Kate @katebasti
Challenge: #WIPitGood --show those works in progress you have going on

Host: Lucy @charmaboutcyou
Challenge: #MySewingSuperPower --show a project that you are proud of.  What makes you a quilting super hero.

My super power is to find quilting elements in patterns that might not have been there before.  I love to use thread to create secondary designs.  It's that extra layer of WOW you can add to a project.  Now if I could just use this power to save all the UFO's in my stash.  #SuperPowerFail

Day 2

Host:  Nataline @sewhungryhippie
Challenge: #SewingSave --anything you saved from a landfill or thrifted

A table runner made from scraps I inherited.  I was gifted scraps (like tons of tiny scraps) from a friend whose grandmother had passed away.  Mrs. Carver was an amazing scrap quilter with lots of little bits and pieces.  Instead of them tossing all those little pieces, I gave them a good home.

Host: Lucy @_lucyengels
Challege: #UrbanQuiltz --show off your quilts in unexpected places

I loved this one so much, because it is how I love photographing my quilts.  Out in the modern wild where people can give me strange looks. 

Host:  Bonnie @quiltville_bonnie
Challenge: #Scraphappens --post your favorite scrappy project

Host: Matthew @misterdomestic
Challenge: #SewMessy --proudly show your mess!!

Oddly enough right now, I don't have a huge mess going on in my sewing room.  Believe me I'm shocked too.  This picture was from a few weeks ago when I was trying desperately to juggle several projects at once.

Day 3 (last day)

Host: Kim @persimondreams
Challenge: #CrazyForColor --show quilts you made with unexpected color combos or you thought you'd never use

I dearly love both of these quilts.  I probably would have never picked either of the fabrics/colors.  Both were gifted to me by non quilty peeps and I love both of them!

Host: Amy @duringquiettime
Challenge: #ThisTookForever --that project that seemed to take forever

The first quilt I ever pieced.  It was queen sized and I paid to have it long armed right after I pieced it 2005ish.  It then sat until Dec 2016 untrimmed and not bound.  I was too scared to tackle it and then just forgot about it. #QuiltNeglect  Luckily 2016 it received a flange binding and graduated to my bed.

Host: Suzy @suzyquilts
Challenge: #SettingOnMyQuilt --pictures of someone/thing setting on your quilt.

I chose my trifecta of cats; Caroline, Junior and Oliver.  I can't seem to keep them off of quilts finished or not.  They drive me insane, but I love them anyway.

And just like that, the photo fun was over.  I still have lots of posts to visit from the other quilters, but everything I've seen as been so much fun!  I love Instagram!  I love #missingmarket!  

Did I mention each host does a give away for those that participate in their prompt challenge?  There is also a big give away at the end of each day from dozens of generous sponsors.  I was actually lucky enough to win Lucy's give away for the #urbanquiltz challenge.

I can't wait to get my hands on that bundle of fabric and give her Jumbo Paperclip pattern a go!  Thank you so much to all the hosts!  If you didn't get to participate in the event there is always (I hope) another one in the spring!  Let's sew and have lot's of stuff to show off for Spring #missingmarket


Nancy J said...

Wow, what a great virtual event, and so good to see your win. Best of all, the felines there, no quilter can be happy with a photo shoot unless the cats are there too.

Quilting Gail said...

Wow!!! Missing market sounds like a LOT of fun!!! I wish I hadn't missed it!
Thanks for the re-cap of what you posted!
Happy Quilting! :-)

Vicki in MN said...

What a fun post! I saw a few #missingmarket IG posts but I didn't get a lot of time on IG last week. So I am glad you shared yours here.

Emily said...

Love seeing all your pics and congrats on winning a prize!

Yvonne said...

Your table runner is gorgeous!

Sandy Panagos said...

What a fun post!

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