Friday, September 29, 2023

Malted Mystery Quilt and A Few Other Things


This is a whoops I did it again post.  About a month ago, while on vacation, I ran into charm packs at a quilt shop and fell instantly in love.  The charms in question were Dance in Paris by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics.

I knew that if I bought a background fabric and coordinating fabric, I should be able to make something from Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs Just Two Charm Pack Quilts book.  So, I guessed at fabric amounts and headed home.  Turns out the amounts I purchased where just enough to make a second version of Snapdragon Cove.  

The picture doesn't do these fabrics justice.  I'm so in love with this finished top.  Of course, it joins large piles of other tops needing finished, but at least this little earworm is out of my head.  I mean there are still probably 50 more in there crawling around begging to distract me.

Speaking of Cheryl and Meadow Mist designs, her yearly Mystery Quilt kicked off in July.  

I was lucky enough to pattern test once again for this project.  I love getting a sneak peek before the actual event.  I tried to take pictures of my progress so that I could share during the actual hop.  Probably for the first time ever, I used the same colors she used in the pattern.  They just spoke to me.

I went with print fabrics that for the most part read as solids.  

This is my progress for the September instructions.  If you would like to join in the fun and have a chance at winning some very cool prizes hop over to Meadow Mist Designs.    

And I will leave you with a project I am playing catch up on.  I was asked to make a T-Shirt quilt for my niece.  I have most of the bits pieced and the T-Shirts are all ironed to stabilizer.  The hope is to get this one finished before the holidays get here.  Wish me luck!

Friday, September 1, 2023

Psychedelic Crazy Cat Lady Quilt


I present to you Psychedelic Crazy Cat Lady Quilt...finally finished!!!  This quilt began life as a finished flimsy back in 2016.  The pattern is Fat Quarter Shop's (free pattern) No Bake Jolly Bar.  

I ordered two 10" square packs in Cat Lady and Mosaic Blooms from Connecting Threads to create my own 5" x 10" rectangles. 

It's like these fabrics were made to be together. 

And together they would stay, married to a fun white on white print for 6 years (well technically for life) until I decided enough is enough, I want to quilt this quilt!

So, it was time to come up with a plan.  For the quilting I used a light Aurifil 50wt gray thread, the Piece and Quilt 4-in-1 Mini Quilting Ruler and the Handi Quilter Scollop Ruler.  Each white section received a different filler and each row of colored squares had a different free motion quilting motif.  Inspiration for those motif's came from Natalia Bonner's Let's Stitch a Block a Day  and Angela Walter's Shape by Shape books.

I shared a few quilting videos on my Instagram page that you can check out below.

Needless to say, I had so much fun quilting this one!  

I wish all quilts quilted up like this one.  Actually, I think they do, it's just me that gets in my own way.  This finish definitely has me supercharged wanting another one.  Fingers crossed I'll have another finish soon enough.

If you look to the left of the quilt, you can see where the deer have been bedding down at night to stay warm.  So, it's kind of like having a bed with a quilt.  

Full disclosure....I actually wrote this post back in March and somehow forgot to post it.  I call it tax season brain.  I promise there have been no freak snow storms in August.  Though, honestly, nothing would surprise me.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Abby and Katie--Quilt Top Finish

 I'm back again to talk about my new favorite book, Just Two Charm Packs by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs.  Today I am sharing my Abbie & Katie quilt top finish.  For this fun quilt I decided to go Christmas in July.  

I paired two charm packs of Cheer & Merriment by Fancy That Design House for Moda, Moda Grunge in Red and Keepsake Calico White Irregular Dots on White.  I love a snowy cozy Christmas and the white background fabric was perfect to help add even more snowy Christmas fun!

The picture above is like a blizzard of quilt pieces.  This quilt was super fun to put together.  There is sewing, then slicing and sewing back together and sewing some more.  

I'll admit it looks a bit complicated, but Cheryl does an amazing job of breaking each step down leaving you with a quilt that will leave others in awe.

Make sure you hop over to Meadow Mist Designs to check out all the versions of the quilts from the book.  Cheryl even has information on how you can win a copy for yourself.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making three different patterns from the book.  I can't wait to make more!

You can read more about my two versions of Star Rays here and Snapdragon Cove here.  

In other fun Meadow Mist Designs news, Cheryl officially kicked off her annual Mystery Quilt last month.  I was super happy to be a pattern tester for the Malted Mystery Quilt.

I may be a little bias, but I can assure you that she has hit it out of the park again.  Be sure to check out the Malted Mystery fabric requirements and cutting instructions available now!

And like a quilt flapping in the wind, I wave goodbye for now.  Now that things are slowing down some, I hope to focus on quilting some of the piles of quilt tops I have laying around.  Of course that is always my hope.  I will definitely be sharing all of my progress here with you. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Snapdragon Cove-Quilt Top Finish

 I'm back again and I'm still loving on Cheryl at Meadow Mist Design's newest book release, Just Two Charm Packs.  

I have more charm packs than one quilter should, and this book is the answer.  When Cheryl reached out to me about the hop for the book, she asked if I would be interested in making a quilt.  That was a no brainer, yes.  But once I cracked it open, I couldn't decide on just one.  So, I did the only logical thing and made a total of four quilts tops.  

When I saw Cheryl's version in the book, I fell in love with the colors.  The dark background called to me.  For my version I used Moda Grunge Basics in Christmas Green and a layer cake of Gingham Cottage by Heather Peterson for Riley Blake.  Wait, layer cake, not charm pack?  Yes, that is correct.  With a few simple cuts I whacked the 10" squares down to 5" squares.  Bang for your buck, I now have the equivalent of two charm packs left that I can make another quilt!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, with just a bit of quilty math on your part, all of these patterns can easily be made using 10" squares and even mini charms (2.5" squares).  That's really like getting tripple the pattern power.

Confession, if you look close enough, you can see that I made a mistake.  When you are working on a quilt, and you realize you don't have enough of one thing and too much of might not be looking hard enough at your pattern.  Me?  I chose to make more pieces and proceed.  The mistake isn't as readily apparent because I was consistentd in my mistake.  If you spot my mistake, I think I can make it even less noticeable when I quilt it.  No seam rippers on this one.

I'm super tempted to make a second version of this quilt but switch up the green and white.  I just love this pattern!

If you would like to see the previous two quilts that I made from Just Two Charm Packs, you can read about my Star Ray quilts here.  And please stop by tomorrow to see the last quilt I squeezed in before the hop started.  In the mean time...get on over to Chery's and read more about the other quilts featured today!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Diatom Quilt Top Finishes


They are finished just in time for the link up for the Diatom Linkup Party over at Quilting Jetgirl!  I have been following along with Yvonne since the start of the quilt along.  I managed to keep up with writing about my progress until two months ago and then I did the thing I do, I fell off the face of the blogging world...but I'm back and ready to share.

When I started the quilt along I wanted to make the twin size version of the quilts in blue.  After a trip to the store and not much luck finding blue fabrics, I settled on purple...that's close to blue.

I'll admit, I wasn't in love with my fabric pull, but decided they would work.  Once the quilt along started I realized I bought the wrong fabric amounts...I used the throw size.  So, off to a different store for dun dun fabric.

Now I'm cooking!  I'm ready!  And two quilts it is!  Then I pieced my first block.

I'm sad to say I just wasn't digging my color contrast choices.  A few fabric pulls later, on both color ways, I was back in business and loving what I pulled.

Absolutely no regrets.  I love that pop of peach with the blues and the dramatic contrast the light gray gives the purples. 

For now, these two beauties will join all the other stacks of UFO floating around in the back room.  I keep swearing that I'm going to start quilting and ground myself from piecing.  So hopefully, sooner than later I can share my ideas for quilting these babies.

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