Friday, March 23, 2018

UFO Busting #12

Run!  Run!  The UFO's are everywhere!  They are multiplying!  They are coming to get us!  Oh, wait, this is just an art display throwing back to Orson Welles and his 1930's broad cast production of War of the Worlds.  The display played whooshing sounds (like helicopters) and the flying saucers even lit up at night.  It was up pretty much all of last fall.  I seriously thought about asking permission to hang a quilt between the alien's hands, but chickened out.  One of the flying saucers blew away in a wind storm...or did it fly away?  Whatever the case, it was quite fun to see every time you drove down Main Street.

Now on to my UFO's for the week.  I'm still plugging away at the doll quilts.  The pile isn't as small as I would like it to be, but I still have plenty of time.  This week I chose to work on the two quilts I made using PA Country Craft's Star Doll Quilt pattern.  Quilting has halted on both.

I'm half way through these 1/4" lines in the border.  I just simply needed a break.  I haven't fallen out of love.  On the other one however...

I was thinking fish quilt...water...wavy lines.  I decided to try using my curve ruler to create the wavy lines.  I'm ify on how I feel about the process.  So I ask, can you see the blip in my quilting?  I kept stitching trying to ignore it, but decided to walk away.  Do I rip it out and fix it?  Do I keep stitching with the ruler or continue on free hand?  Help!  I don't to abandon this project for five years.

So while I create a bit of space between me and these half quilted quilts, I worked on the pin wheel quilt for my friend.

The sashing and corner stones pieced together very quickly and I consulted with my quilt advisor, Caroline, about borders.  We both agreed, cut into the yummy dark blue Moda Grunge.

It's been hard to get a good picture of the background fabric since it is a white on white in winter light.  Here you can see all of the fun print.  Doesn't it look like cupcake sprinkles?

Here it is all pieced and out in the snow.  As you can see, big foot tromped all around the quilt ruining my perfect white back drop.

Incase you missed it, this past week (and last week too) has been Cheryl and Paige's hop for their book Modern Plus Sign Quilts.  Tuesday was my day to post about the quilt I made, Message In A Bottle.  You can read more about the quilts I made and the hop here.  I have been asked what are the fates of all these quilts.  The 48" and 24" versions are still waiting for homes as of right now.

Like a good daughter, I promptly gave my mother the 12" one as an early Easter decoration present.  And she like any good non quilter, promptly exclaimed, "thank you, it will look great on my table."

Then covered up all my pebbling work and focal fabric.  I was mentally banging my head against the wall, but physically hugged her and said your welcome.

At some point in the middle of the night my 6" quilt, maybe through mitosis, split into an identical 6" mini.  I'm just as surprised as you are and didn't know fabric could do this.  One thing is for sure, they are definitely up to something and I can't wait to find out what it is.

Speaking of being up to something, it was nice to see we were all up to stuff last week.  Including some finishes.  Vicki over at Vicki's Crafts and Quilting finished up a quilt that has been waiting on her for a little bit.

She finished up her version of Busy Hand's Jelly Roll Waves and I am in love with the quilting motif she used.  It's called dwirling and is super curvy and fun.  Like spirals meets meandering.  If you missed it last week, check it out here.

So now it's your turn.  What have you been up to?  Invaded by projects like a scary 1930's radio broadcast, that leaves you confused and wondering what's going on?  Or are you celebrating a finish, dancing with your hands in the air like you just don't care?  Whatever the case, link up and tell us all about it.

Probably not much sewing for me this weekend.  I'll be cheering on baby girl as she heads to the WV State Archery Tournament.  I am so dag on proud of her and all she's accomplished in her years of shooting on her school team.  For all of this season she has been pretty much 3rd top shot (including boys) for her team.  Prepare yourself there will probably be pictures to come next week.  It's my blog, I'm a proud momma.  Bows have strings and so do quilters, it ties together.  So I leave us all with this piece of advice that I will be giving her tomorrow.  I think there is a lesson here for all of us if you think deep enough.


Nancy J said...

Maybe try going to bed in the daytime, and more cloning, mitosis, or even better still a finished quilt might blossom out!!! Those colours are gorgeous together, gentle and soothing.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Hooray for forward progress; it's looking good to me. As for the blip, it looks like a cresting wave, which water does as well. If it bugs too much, though, I'm all for removing a portion and moving on. And what an adorable double that popped out of no where - twins!

Stitchin At Home said...

I think I would just freehand curvy some lines crossing than that little blip won't show. Always nice to have a quilt adviser handy. Quilt limbo double...

Vicki in MN said...

I would not rip it out, I think now you should just add organic freehand curvy lines in between what you have now and it will all blend. So surprised to see my quilt featured as I scrolled down, thanks Tish!!

Emily said...

I would not rip it out, your waves are nice and flowy and I think it works. But then, I'm known to be a lazy quilter :) Love your pinwheels!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish,
You ARE a good daughter! I had to giggle with the placement on the table runner. Your pinwheels are fabulous and Caroline, your quilting advisor looks like she was doing a great job. That would have been so funny to see a quilt between the aliens hands on the roof. Next year! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy Panagos said...

Just make the same "mistake" a few more times and it will be a "design choice". Seriously, I wouldn't rip it out. Your mini plus quilt looks great with the decorative bowl on it!

Lynette said...

Oh, wow!! That first doll quilt is GORGEOUS the way you're quilting it! Expert workmanship, too. I am completely with you on needing to take breaks from that kind of intensity - which is the entire beauty of having a few projects to focus on at a time!

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