Tuesday, March 3, 2020

To-Do #9

Last week's list:

1) Continue quilting (maybe to half way point) on Mosaic Mystery Quilt--progress

I'm definitely not to the half way mark, but I did manage to squeak in some quilting time with this one.  

2)  Since I have the backings pieced, I would love to get the charity quilts basted--nope

I just couldn't bring myself to pull the second table out and start basting.  There is hope for this week, though.

3)  Finish cutting the fabrics for The Great Outdoors quilt--Done

This one is ready for piecing.  We even picked up a fabric to go around the panel blocks to help them square up better.  And I dropped one of my machines off to get it serviced.  Both are way over due for a tune up.

4)  Write a post on the Star UFO quilt--Done

This was a quick and easy one to finish because most of the work (finished quilt and pictures) had already been done.  You can read more about this quilt here.

5)  Decide on OMG for March--done

For the month of March I have decided to make my goal to finish the two kid quilts that I need to baste.  That way they will be ready to donate by the guild's April meeting.  Who knows maybe one more quilt could join them?

This week's list:

1)  Continue quilting on Mosaic Mystery
2)  Baste the cat and dinosaur kid quilts
3)  Piece block 3 in the Out West BOM
4)  Decide on a pattern and cut out another donation quilt
5)  Make time to work with my cousin on his daughter's quilt 


Kathleen said...

You are making progress! Hooray. I was in recuperation mode after QuiltCon, but am slowly getting back. I totally understand not wanting to get out the second table. How about a table at work and a friend to chat to while you baste on break? Just a thought of a more fun approach...

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Tish! You did great this week, I think. Your cousin is making a quilt for his daughter and his father - with you on the last one? Great idea for your March OMG - it will be nice to have those charity quilts done and ready to go. I'm still looking forward to seeing your Mosaic all complete. It's fab. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

Pamela Arbour said...

Love your quilting on the mosaic quilt and the fabrics on the outdoor quilt.

Janice Holton said...

Tish, you are so good at setting goals and actually getting things done! I admire that so much. Send some of that "get 'er done" vibe my way! :)

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Yeah for progress!! I fell off the wagon with going to QuiltCon, but hoping to be back on track this week.

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