Tuesday, May 12, 2020

To-Do #12

Making those lists and checking it twice times a hundred...isn't that how that saying goes?  Easing back into my 14hr work days didn't come as easy as I thought it would.  At the end of day one, I thought what is the big deal really?  By the morning of day two, I started questioning my life choices, realized that took too much energy and tried to sleep with my eyes open staring at a keyboard.  So I wasn't really sure how my to-do list would look this week.

Last Week's List

1) Piece Block 5 of the Out West Quilt--Finished

This one came together early on in the week.  The best part is, I can put the container away and not think about it for a few more weeks.

2) Bind Mosaic Mystery--Finished

I tried something a little different with this one.  I sewing the binding to the back and machine stitched it to the front.  Not sure if I like this way better yet or not.

3) Finish Quilting Flying Geese--Finsihed

I'm kinda sad to say this one is finished.  I had so much fun quilting this one!  It was like a good book you don't want to end.  Hopefully, I can take some of that quilting energy and apply it to the next project.

4) Make blocks 9 and 7 of MMBB and attach to the next section--Started

I did get blocks 9 and 7 cut, but not sewn.  

5) Pick out fabrics for blocks 26, 27, 30, 32, 40, and 47 for MMBB.--nope

6) Pick up cross stitch I started working on at the beginning of quarantine--good intentions

I packaged the project up so it travels easy.  I was going to work on it at work last weekend, but customer flow dictated otherwise.

This Week's List:

1) Bind Flying Geese Quilt
2) Photo shoot for Flying Geese and Mosaic Mystery Quilt
3) Sew Blocks 9 and 7 of MMBB quilt
4) Pick next project to quilt
5) Fix a purse handle


  1. I guess if you have a 14 hour work day you must do about 3 days a week? at least that gives you more days off it that is so.

  2. Lovely projects! Your machine quilting is beautiful!

  3. Hi Tish! A 14-hour workday would be a killer for me. I used to get up at 4:30 with an hour commute. I've been trying to stick close to that morning time but I know it will be a harsh reality when I head back. I think you did a great job on your list! Flying Geese looks great - makes me want to head back and quilt away. Thanks for linking up this week and good luck on a productive week ahead. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love your machine quilting. :o) Good luck on your to-do's.

  5. Good luck with your week! Are you working regular hours or changed hours? I can see why you would be sad that the FG quilt is done, it looks gorgeous and when you get into the groove it is so much fun!

  6. Way back in the days of working, I left home before 7.30 a.m. after doing laundry., some housework, . and lunches for 4, worked all day, then home by maybe 5 p.m. to start all over again.Life was so busy, and now I relish the slower pace of every day, and that, too will happen to you in time. Meanwhile, take time for yourself, enjoy the quilting and those fabrics, and to be ahead in one project is wonderful.

  7. You did a fantastic quilting job on those flying geese.

  8. You're making progress. Well done. 14 hours??? That's a long work day. Good luck with the new routine.


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