Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Mail

There is nothing better than getting what I'm now dubbing as "Happy Mail."  Those sweet little gifts from bloggers just to say they love us and are glad we stop by.  I'll admit, part of this post is long over due for posting.  Within the past few months, I was the lucky winner of not one but two very fabulous give aways that resulted in additions to my here we go.

I got a package in the mail that made me Dog Gone happy!  Actually it made my Dog Gone day.  Saying that never gets old.  Back in October I participated in Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts blog hop show casing her Dog Gone Cute quilt pattern.  You can check out my post about my quilts and links to all the other great bloggers that participated here.

Then in November, Lorna hosted a linky party for anybody who made something with the Dog Gone Cute pattern to link up to so that we could share our creations.  At the end of the party we could all vote for our favorite posts and the top posts would win prizes from her very generous sponsors.    

To my surprise I received an email from Lorna, stating that I was one of the winners.  A few weeks later a package from Sew Fresh Quilts showed up in my mailbox.  Contained within was a sweet little jelly roll of Michael Miller Fabrics Pastel Pop It's A Girl Thing.  Beautiful little strips in pinks, grays and off whites.  I believe I even saw little paw prints and cats on some of the strips.

Now fast forward to January.  Every month on the first Thursday, Jenn over at A Quarter Inch From the Edge, hosts a Throwback Thursday party for everyone to link up to with posts about quilts from our quilting pasts.  I have participated every month since she started hosting it in September.  It's so much fun to learn about everyone's past quilts, plus it helps us to remember those quilts we long forgot about.  Along with the party itself, Jenn also offers a give away.  She doesn't give you one chance to enter but three; linking up a post, leaving a comment and telling how you follow her or her gracious sponsors.

With the holidays all around me (including my birthday) I managed to let the January party sneak up on me and did not get a post ready.  I didn't let that stop me from hopping over to the linky party to read about all the awesome quilts linked up.  A few days later, I got and email from Jenn saying I had won the give away.  I was confused at first because I hadn't linked up, then I remembered, duh, there are two other ways to win and I had commented on her post.  That month the prize would be charm squares cut from her own personal stash.  She gave me some color way choices and I chose blue/turquoise.

A few weeks later, another package arrived in my mail box.  She even included a small note and candy.

Here is a sampling of some of the squares.  Honesty, I can't wait to make something with them because this is one of the best prizes since it's from her stash.  For me every time I look at what ever is created, I will think of my quilty friend Jenn, and that means a whole bunch to me.

So a big thank you to both Lorna and Jenn, and all the hard work they do.  You, my ladies, are the best.

And on a side note, stay tuned to my blog later this week.  Rumor has it, there may be a chance to win a pretty neat prize in part of a blog hop I'm participating in.  But you know I can't confirm or deny that quite yet.

Today I'm linking up at Sunday Stash with the great and powerful Molli Sparkles.


  1. Happy mail is the best, for sure! Congratulations on the two wins and lovely fabric rewards. :)

  2. well done with the happy mail Tish. I hadn't realised you had won the doggone but I'm not surprised. I loved your quilt. I'd love to make one for my sister, sometime

  3. I love happy mail. Send some of that good luck my way.

  4. GREAT happy mail. Congrats on your well earned win!! ENJOY!!!

  5. Congrats on both wins. Jenn has a great stash. Have fun playing with the fabric.

  6. Wonderful goodies in the mail, the last fabrics are dreamy. well done to be a winner.

  7. Might've checked with Jenn as to what colourway you chose...inquiring minds and all that, ;-) Great scores! Your doggone quilt was and is fab. I love how the dogs float over the surface of your spectacular quilting. Rocco is still miffed that I did not make him one.

  8. You lucky dog! Stash prizes are some of the best!


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